Hating Haiti: Tinkering with Tectonics

Haiti "earthquake" or "tectonic warfare" signature?

Earthquake in Haiti: Unmasking the Masking of Force

Marco Zonka


On January 10 –the day before the quake in Haiti– the US Southern Command was preparing to test an emergency response system that would simulate a “Haiti relief” operation, according to a government and IT publication

 “After the earthquake hit on Tuesday,” said IT manager Jean De May, SOUTHCOM “decided to go live with the system.”

According to DeMay, who happened to be at the Southern Command Headquarters in Miami that day, the US was preparing to launch a test scenario that involved a “Haiti Relief” operation, in response to an imaginary hurricane.

According to Cris Wilson, Chief of Staff of the Joint Forces Command Support Element (JCSE), those systems were operational ”in a matter of hours.”

JCSE was able to get its gear into Haiti quickly “because the systems already were loaded on pallets in Miami in preparation for an exercise that had been canceled,” Wilson said, as reported in the January 15 issue of “Nextgov”, a government and industry IT publication.


A few days after the quake, according to Democracy Now reports, [1/19] the aid group “Doctors without Borders” and a French airplane, carrying a complete field-hospital, were refused landing by US military authorities, and the US “relief effort” was being witnessed and described as a “military operation” that was more like “a US occupation” than a “relief effort”.


A few days later, Venezuelian President Hugo Chaves accused the United States of once again “playing God”, according to RT News. Chaves claimed that the US caused the quake in Haiti, using a “tectonic weapon” launched from a US navy ship.

“This time it is only a drill,” Chavez reportedly said.

And the next target is to destroy and take over Iran, Chavez reportedly said.


Is there any credible evidence of such technology?

How to Cause an Earthquake

Government sources have for several decades revealed the existence of systems that can alter the weather, inducing droughts or storms, as a form of “force multiplication,” to assist and enhance military operations and objectives.

According to Nick Begich, author of “Angels Don’t Play the Haarp”, one off these technologies involves ELF waves (Extreme Long Frequency). These waves are also linked to the “HAARP array”, a huge network of ground based antennae that broadcast vast amounts of ELF energy into the atmosphere.

Studies show that ELF energy bounces off the ionosphere, and can be deflected to almost anywhere onto the ground in the world, from various ELF installation points. The US, Russia, and EU have ELF transmission arrays in Alaska, Norway, Russia, and elsewhere.

There is also a HAARP array in Puerto Rico, about two hundred miles due east of Port Au Price, Haiti, along a particularly fractious  stretch of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, geologically notorious for it’s fault-lines and volcanic volatility.

Before an earthquake there is a form of pent-up “static” energy in the ground, as huge plates of stone, floating on the molten core of the earth, smash against or slide along one another. Geologist Dr. Brooks Agnew, experienced the earthquake triggering qualities of ELF waves directly, when he and a colleague “accidently” set off an earthquake, when they were working along the Oregon coast with an ELF devise.

As a technician, Agnew was hired by oil companies to use ELF technology to discover and “map” underground structures and compositions, including the presence of oil under the ground. Just as bass notes in good stereo literally pass through the body, ELF waves are so low that they penetrate deeply into the earth, he explained, and reflecting back, create a kind of “sonic imaging” of the rocks.

They happened to be working in Roseburg Oregon (1987), near a coastal fault line also known for its relative volatility. Immediately upon activating their device, the ground began trembling. A small 4.5 earthquake was registered in the area at that time.

“And we were only using 30 watts” of ELF waves, Dr. Agnew said. And the 3.6 million watts that the HAARP array could generate devastating effects, he said.

“What can cause an landslide?” asks HAARP researcher Nick Begich. It could be something as seeming insignificant as  “a man walking by” if it just so happens to have the righ frequency and pulse-rate. What causes an earthquake? Just the right signals coming at just the right time, when the pressures are already built up” in the ground, he said. When they are at that point, “at that threshold, only a feather, or in our case the equivalent of a hammer, releases that energy” Begich said.

Haiti Earthquake and relevant HAARP technology:


Confluence of Coincidence, Or?…

A government and IT industry magazine reveals a US military war game happening out of Miami the day BEFORE the quake, simulating a disaster relief effort for Haiti; The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, accuses the US military of causing the quake itself, using tectonic weapons, for which there is proven historical evidence  and; Naomi Klein on Democracy Now finds corporate website that promotes the great opportunities for growth and profit through the “disaster-relief” efferts converging on Haiti.



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