Birthquakes of Aotearoa: Lemuria birthing her daughter, Aoteara/New Zealand

Birth-Quakes in the Netherworld: 12/23/2011:

 Lemuria Births Aotearoa/New Zealand

–Marco Zonka 2011

All night mother Gaia roiled and rolled in her dark-time turned away from the sun, and Christchurch went right along with her, tall trees swaying like drunken sailors. What buildings still stand after the last five big shakes, are practiced and used to moving, riding long slow waves of kinetic excitation, everything swaying and rattling, the skin of the earth rippling like slow-moving water you can walk on.

 A thin crust of infant & ancient geological land mass, New Zealand cantilevers and sub-ducts at the junction of four massive tectonic plates –land-masses converging against one another –the massive weight and force of distant continents, also in motion, behind them –leveraging forces of titanic scale and scope.

 Fabled vestige of ancient Lemuria and one of the “youngest” land-masses and nations on Earth, New Zealand is an errand child of old and new, a wild ride in southerly climes -next stop Antarctica!- at the whim and whimsy of mother nature, her calms and calamities, her rain, her storms. Some storms we understand. Some storms are for reasons we can only imagine, until we do understand.  

-marco zonka      

Lemuria/Aoteara/New Zealand

Birthing light!

Birthing light!
Light of all worlds!
More beautiful
More terrible than all beauty, all terror!
The hour of illuminating death 
Exquisite birth
Is come!
Release upon the vast fields
Of your dominion
Your furies of fire!
Your fountains of light!
Your fortunes of love!
Your demons test and taste the flesh and spirit
Of human nature and endurance
Birth now within us
As within yourself
A new beginning
The gift of the living fire 
To all who cannot speak your name
Sing forth among your verdant fields
New spectra of sound and light!
Of loves death and birth in the living presence!
Ours is no longer to live and die in darkness
But to die and be born of light!