Weeds & Roses

Weeds and Roses

The “owner” of the land said “Go in the garden and kill all the weeds.” The weeds were many, the day hot and long. All around the blood red roses, Dandelions grew wild. What could I do? I looked at the dandelions, Faces round and gold as the sun. “Let us live!” they chimed “We will feed you when you hunger.” I looked to the rose. “The dandelions are beautiful. And so selfless” The rose spoke kindly of others. “And the garden, a home for everyone!” But my hunger had been crafted by cunning, the designs of men. I pulled up the dandelions, Glowing with life, Tore them out with my hands. Thorns on the blood red rose,  Stabbed me in the arm. And it was my blood that fell on the rich black earth.        –mz