Forbes writer Steve Zwik wants to “burn down” the houses of “climate change” skeptics. “Hate speech” is now permissable for the high priests of so-called “human-caused” climate change.

Watts Up With That?

Wow, it doesn’t get much uglier than this. In my opinion, this is hate speech. Steve Zwick writes in his Forbes column:

We know who the active denialists are – not the people who buy the lies, mind you, but the people who create the lies.  Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay.  Let’s let their houses burn.  Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands.  Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices.

They broke the climate.  Why should the rest of us have to pay for it?

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Impeach Obama 2012:Obama&Nuevo-Cons: Waging War on America

Impeach Obama 2012:

Obama & the Nuevo-Cons: Waging War on America 

Treason & Sedition in the House of Lord Obama

-marco zonka

When Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta openly and unabashedly stated in congressional hearings that the Obama Administration will “inform congress” the next time they decide to wage war against another sovereign nation, a high war crime against the rule of law flagrantly and arrogantly occured in the light of day.

Congress alone (Article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution) has the power and authority to declare and “wage war” under US constitutional law. Any usurpation of that power is a criminal offense against the rule of law, and embodies an actionable criminal offense.

When President Obama authorized US air attacks againstLibya, without congressional approval, (murdering hundreds of innocent civilians including children, and leading to the assassination of a standing head of State, Kaddafy) Obama usurped the power of congress, and illegally defied the rule of constitutional law.

But it gets worse.

Where did Obama receive the authority to declare and to wage war?

“From NATO and from the UN” nonchalantly stated bothUSGeneral Dempsy and Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Ignoring and actively circumventing the sole authority of congress to declare and wage war, and thereby subverting the constitution, has a clear and very unambiguous legal definition: It is an act of sedition against the USconstitution, by its very definition. But –further and for more perilously– to engage in such lawless actions at the behest of a foreign power goes even further, constituting an act of open treason against the rule of the sovereign law at the very heart, and in the very roots of, theAmericanConstitutionalRepublic.

Declaring (March 7 2012) such actions and usurpations of power and unconstitutional authority to be “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the rule of Law in the Sovereign American Republic, House Congressional Resolution 107 declares it is clearly and expressly “the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”

Such offences alone “prima fascia” (on their face)   are grounds for Presidential impeachment. But a far more dangerous and ominous war has simultaneously and concurrently been declared, and that is: The Obama Administrations’ war on the Constitution and the United States, itself.



In a concise and well-referenced 10 minute documentary published today, actor and producer Sean Stone (son of director Oliver Stone) outlines the broad and growing body of criminal actions on the part of the Obama Administration, constituting impeachable offences by the Obama regime against theUSconstitution and the American people.

When Obama signed into law NDAA 2012 via executive order, in one fell swoop, he over ruled and obliterated the Bill of Rights and the writ of Habeas Corpus, and centuries of democratic law in the making.

The Forked-Tongue of Obama

Obama said he did not like the language in NDAA 2012 that included the power to arrest American citizens without any charges, and to detain them indefinitely, and to even to assassinate them if needed.

He lied.

Video of congressional hearings on the subject presented by Senator Carl Leven (Democrat, Michigan) disclose in congress that Obama insisted that language authorizing the detention of Americans be included in NDAA 2012, and that Obama demanded that congress add that draconian language, or Obama would not sign it.

In fact, the Obama administration had already ordered the “extra-judicial” murder of an American citizen, and had “executed” that order, murdering US born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. A week later (just to be “protect” themselves from any troublesome ongoing legal challenges, a US drone assassinated Al Alaki’s 16 year old Colorado born son, which also (by way of “collateral damage”) murdered his 17 year old Yemeni cousin, and killed 9 other adjacent people in the process, as well.

Under US law citizens are given their fair and lawful  “day in court” to face and challenge their accuser, and to establish, in a court of law, innocence or guilt, based on a “body of evidence” (habeas corpus) and either be freed or justly found guilty and duly sentence. But Obama decided to for-go all the trouble and just “execute” this man and his son by “executive” order.

(After all, as a “suspected mastermind” in the attacks of 9-11, it might be a bit embarrassing for the government to explain why –only weeks after the events of 9-11—Anwar al-Awlaki was invited to a private dinner at the Pentagon.)

The criminal and ever-expanding –as stated by House resolution 107–  “high-crimes and misdemeanors” of currentUSpresident Obama, constitute a clear and present danger to the integrity and stability of the rule of law in theAmericanConstitutionalRepublic.

As such, articles of Impeachment against President Obama for such high war crimes and criminal acts against the sovereignty of theAmericanRepublicmust be drafted, and submitted for legal action.

President Obama must be called into congress under sworn oath to testify in his own defense, and establish his innocence, or be found legally culpable for these criminal offences and duly adjudicated and removed from office.

The rule of law pertains to all men and women, and no man, no matter how exalted or empowered, is exempt from the rule of law, or immune to the consequences of unlawful actions.

Civilization itself rests upon this premise.

A Conveinient Lie: “Man-made Global Warming”: Supported by Banksters; Refuted by Physics & Mother Nature

A Convenient Lie: “Man-Made Global Warming”: Supported by Banksters, Wall Street, and Big Oil;  Refuted by Physics & Mother  Nature

Al Gore and his magnum-bogus “An Inconvenient Truth” is back where it belongs: in the garbage bin of fraudulent arguments and hidden agenda’s. Real science does not pander to politics. That’s why politicians hate it.

-Marco Zonka

Over the past decade some people (most notably Goldman Saks banksters, Wall Street traders, and Big Oil execs) have advanced the argument that the earth is “warming up” due to the presence of human-caused “carbon dioxide” in the atmosphere.

Employing globe-trotting snake-oil salesman Al Gore, they have been busy trumpeting the gospel of anthropogenic “climatological Armageddon” with all the argument humping-power of well-endowed “think tanks” that sense a new and very profitable “killing field”, and want in on the action.

Why are Al Gore and his bankster and Wall Street trading buddies so eager to “save the earth” and implement “carbon credits and carbon-tax trading” on the stock exchange?

Big money to be made in “transaction fees”.

And why have the banksters suddenly “seen the light” and want to support the “carbon tax”?

Carbon based life-forms, Unite!

All “carbon-based” life-forms like one thing in particular: Carbon.

That is why it is the “building block of life.”

Are you beginning to sense the magnitude of what is being proposed here?

Carbon is called the “building block of life” because if its adaptive “valences” to support molecular and structural “living symmetry” at the foundational level of molecular animal (thereomophic) and human (anthropomorphic) cellular structure and body-forms (morphs).

Carbon is literally: The favored molecule with which to base the formation and structure of “carbon-based” living beings.

The banksters mean to put a “tax” on that.

This is a crime against nature and the living spirit of almost incalculable arrogance and heinous conceit.

Living beings are not safe in a world that is being “controlled” by people who think and act and “plan” like this.

They are deadly, and they mean business.

You are the object of their “plans”.

Mere homo erectus?…Or homo sapiens?

If you are insensible to the gravity of this situation, you might as well surrender your precious allocation of carbon right now.

Carbon dioxide is the substance that plants breathe to stay alive!

It is now less than 1% of the composition of the entire atmosphere. Geological studies of rocks indicate that it has been as high as more than 20% of the atmosphere in the past, fueling prolific plant growth and oxygen production.

You know: that stuff that animals like to breath.

But that is not the ONLY reason why the banksters want to “control carbon”. (They are very nasty carbon-based life-forms…)

“Carbon-Credit/Debits = “Carbon-Credit “Swaps” & Carbon-Credit “Bundling”… Sound familiar?

guise of “saving the planet”) will conveniently be used to even further “tax” (i.e. steal from) the planet blind.

And why do the globalists want it?

Because “carbon-credits” will help them to advance their “noble cause” of “de-industrializing” the entire world (aka “UN agenda 21”)

Read: Big corporations own: everything; barely-existant small bussinesses own: nothing.

Thats their “program.”

And why does big oil want carbon trading?

Because it will enforce more “planned scarcity” of oil supplies, driving up the cost, and letting them fatten their already rapacious “margins”, and choke us further into submission under the “yoke” of their “de-industrialization” plan.

There’s only one problem; real science is not cooperating.

The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all being quite naughty, because they have ALL exhibited an identical thermal increase right along with mother Earth. So, unless there are a bevy of yuppies driving otherworldly SUV’s on Venus and Mars, the Sun is the more likely suspect.

And that does not even begin to address another “little problem”, as in: The Laws of Thermodynamics.

Brilliantly and clearly elucidated by climatologist and physicist Doug Cotton, the laws of thermodynamics clearly indicate: carbon dioxide is NOT the prime suspect in sleuthing the cause of global warming. If anything, thermo-dynamic studies indicate—carbon-dioxide is more likely a conduit contributing to the cooling of the planet, not the warming.

Open your eyes, exercise your mind, and know clearly in your own heart, what is true.

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