“UN Agenda 21” is a pernicious and ubiquitous global assault upon national sovereignty, representative government and democratic process, worldwide. Masquerading as an “progressive ecological” instrument for advancing “sustainable” agriculture and advancements worldwide, Agenda 21 is in fact a “technocratic” and globalist subterfuge. The UN Agenda 21 seeks to undermine and supersede genuine democratic and representative institutions world-wide and replace them with un-elected and unaccountable “technocrats” who serve the interests –not of our beloved Mother Earth—but of those who wish to further erode and sabotage national and personal sovereignty, and, under the guise of “saving the earth” bring on the new “greening of corporate power” under the rubric of the “world wide web” of eco-fascism.

Follow The Money


Enemies who hate America, despise liberty, and want the United States transformed from a Constitutional, commercial republic into socialism, are relentlessly advancing a seditious new plan – Agenda 21 – to make our nation a vassal of the United Nations.


For the first time ever in America’s storied history, these opponents of American nationalism have a willing accomplice in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama leads the majority party, the Democrats, in the U.S. Senate where international treaties and U.N. pacts are ratified.

So the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives will be of no assistance. It’s up to “we the people” if Agenda 21 is to be fended off, and America kept the land of the free!

Since my years of service as U.S. Ambassador under President Ronald Reagan, I’ve alerted America to a myriad of United…

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