Bill Gates vs. The Stupid Laws of God and Nature

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Bill Gates is such a very nice man.
Africans suffering from drought or malnutrition desperately need water, food and seeds for new crops.
But Bill and Melinda Gates are extremely smart.
They have a much better idea: vaccines.
Bill Gates live on TED talks said he actually “loves” vaccines.
Because Billy G. said vaccines show great promise for effecting “population control”.
Billy’s Mommy and Daddy over at Planned Parenthood are very proud of their son, Billy G.
The only problem is: after Africans came to receive their nice shots, and watched or heard about many of their babies convulsing and dying on the spot (or weeks later) the “ignorant” African’s are now avoiding those shots like, well, the plague.
Stupid Africans!
Why don’t they understand that death is good for them?
So Billy G. and his social-engineering pals have an even better idea, a more fool-proof and new and improved idea; an idea you cannot choose to run away from because you too –like the African villagers– are so stupid and ignorant and therefore want to avoid this great new idea like the plague:
They want to spray hundreds of billions of tones of toxic geoengineering “chemicals” over your head to “protect” you from that mean old sun.
What Chemicals you ask?
Alluminum oxide, with just a dash of radioactive Strontium and Barium, for flavor, and for atmospheric tracking.
Did Billy mention that these ingredients also causes cancer, Alzheimer’s, and that high aluminum content also causes crop failure?
Well that is not surprising.
Because Billy G. is also a shareholder in Monsanto Corporation, and Monsanto just recently announced that it has new and improved genetically modified seed for food crops that tolerate, can you guess?
High levels of aluminum in the soil.
These are “high tech foods” Billy Gates enthuses!
After all, just like you and me, both God and nature are also very stupid.
And Billy G. and all his nice and smart friends at Monsanto want to “correct” the stupid laws of God and nature.
Is there any public input or elected- representative decision-making power allowed to determine if this is a good or even safe idea or not?
Bill Gates and his “social-engineering” and “geo-engineering” pals are smarter than you and me.
Smarter than God and Nature Herself, in fact!
And being so “nice” and so “generous”, Billy Gates and his buddies decided to decide for us.
Do the scientists that engineer GMO foods allow GMO organisms to be used in the cafeteria at Monsanto, to be eaten by Monsanto’s own employees?
Of course not!
They are smart people: they know better.
Monsanto made those GMO’s for you and your family.
Bill Gates is such a very nice man.


Máquinas de guerra: Blackwater, Monsanto y Bill Gates

Un reporte de Jeremy Scahill publicado en The Nation (Blackwater’s Black Ops, 15/9/2010) reveló que el ejército mercenario más grande del mundo, Blackwater (ahora llamado Xe Services) le vendió servicios clandestinos de espionaje a la trasnacional Monsanto. Blackwater cambió de nombre en 2009, luego de hacerse famosa en el mundo por las denuncias sobre sus abusos en Irak, incluidas masacres de civiles. Sigue siendo el mayor contratista privado del Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos en servicios de seguridad, es decir para practicar el terrorismo de Estado dándole al gobierno la posibilidad de negarlo.

Muchos militares y ex oficiales de la CIA trabajan para Blackwater o alguna de las empresas vinculadas que creó para desviar la atención de su mala fama y generar más lucros vendiendo sus nefastos servicios –que van desde información y espionaje hasta…

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Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Bill Gates, the heavy Monsanto investor who purchased 500,000 shares of the biotech giant in 2010, has been touting Monsanto’s genetically modified creations as a tool that is necessary to prevent starvation in poor nations. The same poor nations where thousands of farmers routinely commit suicide after being completely bankrupt by Monsanto’s overpriced and ineffective GM seeds.

The same company that we recently exposed to be running ‘slave-like’ working conditions, forcing poor workers to operate the corn fields for 14 hours per day while withholding pay.

According to Gates, this is the company whose GMO crops are going to save the world from starvation. Of course, along with ‘saving the world from starvation’, GMO crops also bring along a large number of unwanted health and environmental effects.


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High-tech Eco-Genicide: Save the Earth; Kill all the People. UN Agenda 21 Unmasked

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High-tech Eco-Genicide: Save the Earth; Kill all the People. UN Agenda 21 Unmasked

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>A lethal ruse being perpetuated by the United Nations (UN) is masquerading as an ecological “green agenda” and is spreading like a cancer through municipalities, towns, cities and states all around the world.
It is called “UN Agenda 21” and it is one of the most insidious deceptions ever perpetrated against the good peoples of the world.
It purported objective? Save mother earth.
It’s modus operandi: End all personal and national sovereignty, and reduce the world population by 4 billion by the year 2050.
That’s a hell of a lot of dead people in less than forty years!
And how do they propose to do it?
Education? Birth control? Greening of the world economy?
As the plan itself outlines, they plan to do it with forced and food-based sterilization programs through food and water additives, GMO corn (a proven sterilant) Gardacil and other vaccines, starvation, and the overall disenfranchizment of working people throughout the “Western” world through planned “deindustrialization”.)
Strip off “The Green Mask” and see what is really inside this draconian plan for “eco-genocide” being advanced by the deeply corrupt and malevolent powers that have seized control of the UN.
Save the earth; kill all the people, goes the UN Agenda 21 motto.
The book “Behind the Green Mask” is a must read for those who love both Mother Earth and ALL her children –including us!