9/11 + 11 = 2012

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There is no freedom without justice.
And where injustice is not merely tolerated but self-enthroned and unchallenged, abominations flourish and multiply.

-Marco Zonka

“Only small lies need to be hidden. Big lies are hidden by the sheer incredulity of those who hear them.”
–Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda for Adolf Hitler,

More than three thousand people died in a fiery conflagration above the streets of New York eleven years ago today. A mountain of evidence, physical and eye witnesses, indicates the probable and/or usual suspects, their motives and means and “benefits” palpable and abundantly evident.

“Due process” in criminal court by jury of peers would clarify most uncertainties, and prove or disprove beyond reasonable doubt, the guilt or innocence of the accused.

Unfortunarely, the primary suspects are or were in positions of “lawful” government power, and declare themselves literally and unilaterally “above and beyond” the rule of law.  In other words: they are the essence of “lawlessness” itself

Not challenging flagrant and increasingly vicious lawlessness among “governmental powers” is dangerous, inviting more cycles of violence and abuse.

In “Plane” Sight

The people who murdered over three thousand people on 9/11, and hundreds of thousands in its aftermath, remain at large. Those people have escaped all reckoning and justice for their crimes so far. It is safe to say that they are fully armed and more dangerous than ever.

Any people or nation, refusing for any reason or unreason to face a persistent peril, invites upon itself the natural consequence of such ill-fated ignorance: oblivion.Innocent ignorance is merely “not knowing.”
The deadlier yet easier to manipulate form of ignorance is: refusing to know, or “wilful ignorance.”

The designers of our present and growing blight know this.
They know what people would rather refuse to believe, and design their bait accordingly.
Why build a better mousetrap?
The old mousetrap works best of all.

Heaven, Hell & Dealings with the Devil

The architects of the conflagration on 9-11-2001 have an obsession with the number “eleven”, the number of the “master-builder.”
Subverting and perverting the powers of the natural world, and manipulating the malleable naïveté of human nature, they amplify the deadly effects of their global designs using nature herself as a “force-multiplier”, which is military-speak for “using nature and/or weather itself as a weapon.
Eleven years after a spectacular and horrible and seemingly ritualistic murder of more than 3,000 Americans, choreographed “live” and “in living color” on networks all over the world, the evisceration and rendering into oblivion of the American Constitutional Republic, and the rule of just and fair law, is its most tangilble and terrifying result.

We are told now by the federal government: surrender your liberties and rights and constitutional protections so that we can “protect you from domestic terrorists”.
And who are those domestic terrorists?
“US veterans” and “conservatives” and “libertarians” and “christians” and “patriots”.
These are who the police themselves state they are being trained and officially conditioned to beleive are the “the terrorists”.

A gaping hole into a dark abbyss is yawning open in front of us, beckoning us to bend and fall into it.

The Constitutional Republic as embodied by the American experiment is the most equitable governing system yet devised against the inevitable powers of privledge and/or oppression. That is why it has been under sustained assault for over 200 years. Those who hate the power of human freedom want to force back the hands of time 200 years or more. The rule of petty kings and tryannts may soon be replaced by tyrannical corporate masters ands their petty feifdoms, and following the same model.
Because that is where they are planning to send us.

Executions by the Executive

Any “Executive orders” by any presidential administration, countermanding the “inalienable” “rights of man” under the American Constitutional Republic, are “on their face” –against the constitution-illegal and void.

We must stand and will surely live or die on the sacred ground of lawful due-process and the protections that we the people and our nation are born of, and stand upon.

The executions of Americans themselves –by way of “executive order”– is nothing less than an authoritarian grip on our flesh and blood, in the hands of lawless and unmerciful men.

The Future, or Maybe Not

Any person or persons who limit or restrain “due process of law” are operating against the foundation of constitutional law, and its basis in both “common” and “natural law.” Such agents are by definition enemies of justice and its lawfull order, on which the American Republic stands. Or falls.

With constitutional law now “technically” annulled and “voided” by agents who –as so-called “law-makers”– now declare themselves to be “above the rule of law”, we live in a state of profound vulnerability to a clear and present and gathering danger.

At no time in modern history have the American people been more exposed and vulnerable to the naked forces of oppression, mass murder, and tyranny than we are at this very moment.

As a nation, as a people, we are now at the penultimate moment of greater awakening into light and life and courage, or a quickening descent into deepening cycles of suffering and darkness and fear.

Who will paint that coming horizon with darkness or light?

No one knows this better than the grand architects of this perrenial threat, since they are the “authors” of it, and designers of the mass-mind matrix, the false-paradigms and falsified-histories that frame and “collectively define” each moment in that matrix.

So in the well worn bag of imperial tricks the wicked old tricksters have only one tried-and-true trick left: a bigger, more insidious, more devisive, more monstrously wicked “false-flag” then ever. They will “hide behind” that event-by-design  –while posing as our “saviors” if we would only give them even MORE power.
Even a horse knows it is not a good idea to walk off the edge of a cliff, do you?

Horse Sense

It is a trick that has worked for the imperium for thousands of years. And today we face the prospect of that trick being used again, on a scale of force and power that will trump all previous conflagrations of manipulation and mortal deceit.

The discerning hearts and loving minds and willful actions of good men and women must not permit this to happen. Or, when it does, reveal it with logic and relentlessly inquiry.

Ask, Again and Again

Let all knowing hearts and loving minds be vigilant this day and on all days, against the forces of darkness and wickedness, and the companies of shadows and hidden powers that stalk and prey upon the living.

The highest court of law here is the human heart, where all “inalienable” rights and “self-evident” truths are found, and all human beings “created equal” in the eyes of God.

May justice be done first in the hearts and minds of all loving and rational beings, and from there into the highest courts of the land. That, or a chaos of the brute rabble. Which, will the most willful, rather?

Beauty and The Dead

May justice then be done to all our beloved dead by revealing the facts and the truth, and adhereing to “due process”. The perpetrators of these and other ongoing crimes against humaity are still free and at large, and needless to say, armed and dangerous.

What Kind of World?

Our children and all who live are not safe in a world where such people are left unquestioned and unchallenged, towering in their castles and empires of power and priveledge and deadliness, unaccountable to kindness and reason.

“Vengeance is mine” allegedly sayeth the Lord.
But the prevailance of  justice and loving kindness on earth is the work of men and women.

-marco zonka