Obama: Not lesser but “more effective of two evils” -Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford: “Barak Obama is a more effective evil because there is no effective opposition to the evil that he brings about. The progressives and certainly the most progressive group historically in the United States, black folks, had basically collapsed in terms of any resistance to Obama’s right wing politics. And therefore Obama is able to accomplish that which George Bush, or a John McCain, or a Mitt Romney could not have hoped to accomplish.”
“At the top of that list is preventive detention.
“George Bush claimed it [but] he never even tried to get that codified in an explicit bill through congress because he knew that he probably would be defeated. The democrats would have fought that. That kind of power in the hands of George bush? –Ooo!- that sends chills down peoples spines. But Barak Obama pushed it through and signed it into law New Years Eve of last year, effectively nullifying much of the Bill of Rights. That ranks Obama as the more effective evil.
“I don’t believe a republican could have accomplished that. I don’t believe a republican could have gotten away with waging undeclared war for seven months along with his NATO allies against Libya, and then coming back and saying that it was none of the congress’s business because, well, it really wasn’t a war, because supposedly no Americans got killed. And there we have a new Obama Doctrine; it’s not a Bush Doctrine; it’s not a Republican Doctrine; it’s an Obama Doctrine, that no war exists unless Americans die in some significant numbers.
“This means that Barak Obama has given himself the power to use military force against anybody without provocation in the world, and not even report to congress about it unless Americans die in significant numbers.
“That’s not a lesser evil, that’s a much more effective evil.”

–Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report.


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