“Eco-Wars”: The Weaponization of Mother Nature

The Weaponization of Mother Nature
-marco zonka

The video posted here by “dutchsinse” is consistent with the predictive observations of pulsed radar signals that inevitably result in severe weather events at the direct epicenter of these “energetic pulses” or “thermal boosts”.
The physics of it are very simple: What feeds a tornado or hurricane? Thermal differentials; air masses of hot and cold air coming together. How do you increase the ferocity of the storm? Add more heat. And that is precisely what these pulsed-radar signatures do.
That is why, over thirty years ago, the UN banned the use of weather-weapons in warfare, because they recognized the profound dangers of engaging in such profoundly disruptive manipulations of the earths’ entire thermo-dynamic system. Clearly, like ALL Treaties signed by the Rouge-State masquerading as the legitimate government of the United States of America, that treaty too has been trashed. But the most consummately Orwellian aspect of that betrayal is: The” targets” are no longer some bogy-man state overseas, propped up by the CIA’s puppet-master factory. No, these “terrorists” are real! These terrorists are the American people themselves. Because a cardinal rule of building and maintaining a tyranny is: eliminate the free people. And it used to be they mostly did it by way of “dirty wars”. And of course those dirty wars are still raging as well. But there is a new form of warfare; clean warfare; and its name is: Eco-Warfare, the Weaponization of Nature herself. If the Pentagon did not publish open admissions of developing this warfare, you could call me a nut case. But the pentagon has done just that. And why are these meteorological methodologies of new and improved warfare being directed at America itself?
That is a question you had best engage with an open mind, because the answer is right there where it belongs, and clearly evident in spades to inquiring minds open to both the truth and the facts.
See also the direct link to dutchsinse in the “reblog” about this event directly from his site, below.


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