Con-Cerning CERN: Portal of Portent, Probability & Prophesy

The 17 mile long “particle collider” buried  underground at the intersection of four European nations including Switzerland, is the single largest, most expensive, and most complicated machine ever build in known human history. The levels of power, complexity ,and the incalculable effects and results from an “experiment” on this scale present a plethora of  moral, mortal, and ethical conundrums. Yet NONE of these questions, dangers, and possible threats have been open to public preview and consideration.

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As you may suspect, looking through the long series of video’s below, CERN is of great concern to many people. I will endeavor to elucidate more about it as I myself learn more about it. For now, I am posting this series of video’s for you to explore and begin thinking for yourself about what this self-described “inter-dimensional portal” signifies and “portends” for you, and all that we cherish and hope for. -mz

BPEarthwatch on Youtube is one of the best sources of regular updates in “realtime” about the experiments going on at CERN. Here is a link to a resent video about CERNS effect upon the entire  magnetosphere of the Earth.Use it to connect to his channel for regular updates:

And here is a series of video’s about CERN. Please let me know of any other video’s or articles that should also be included here.


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