Loving Hate in Orlando


“Death is the sentence (for homosexuality). There is nothing to be embarrassed about this. We have to have that compassion for people. With homosexuals its the same. Out of compassion, lets get rid of them now.”

–Iranian Dr. Sharuk Sheik Kalifar,
speaker at a mosque in Orlando Florida a few weeks ago.
Advocating for violent Radical Islam recently in Florida, an Islamic scholar spoke at a Mosque in Orlando, and openly advocates for killing homosexuals.
He calls murdering gays “acts of compassion”.
He considers killing queers a form of mercy killing.
Local resident Alan Kornman, outraged by such vicious beliefs and actions being advocated in a Mosque in Orlando Florida said “its inciting violence” against gays, Kornman said.
That was just a few weeks ago in Orlando.
And now the mass murder at the gay nightclub today, before which the perpetrator professed allegiance to ISIS on a 911 call, and was being tracked for years by the FBI.
None-the-less, the FBI “failed” again to protect the American populace.
It’s either incompetence, or worse: “feigned” incompetence.
Predictably, no word about “Islamic Terrorism” or “radical Islam” from its key sympathizers in the White House.
No. Here’s how their “logic” works:
“Americans are threatened by deadly armed terrorists.
Therefore, take the guns away from Americans to keep Americans “safe”.
See how that works?

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