Post-Obamazoid/ExClintonista Turned Trumpster 2016

Post-Obamanoid/Ex-Clintonista Turned Trumpster 2016 & Why

— marco zonka

In the living world, the real world, the world of natural law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every neutron there is an electron. For every predator there is prey. For every prey there is an escape. For every savagery, a kindness.

And for every injustice there is a reckoning.

On the mortal scale it always takes longer than we would like, but eventually a long-over-due re-balancing comes around. 

“The moral arc of the universe is long” said Martin Luther King Jr., “but it bends toward justice.”


An analogous trajectory of lawless imbalance now afflicts the American Constitutional Republic, itself a dynamic government system modeled on the organic economies of Natural Law, and its “balance of powers”. And it requires  a re-balancing of distorted powers long overdue.

ORDO A CHAO (order out of chaos) is an ancient governing Credo.

It is still very much in vogue today to oppose democratic government and (through the relatively new science of social engineering deployed against an unsuspecting public) favor old fashioned dominion and oppression.

A new hybrid breed of of techno-feudalism is its modern spawn.

In this newest incarnation, or perhaps more accurately unholy conjugation (with a communist/socialist/dependency-class bottom, serving a corporate/Islamo-fascist/social-engineering top) it has been devouring lawful democratic governments like globalist snacks, extolling the virtues of democracy while simultaneously driving it toward an early extinction.

And those forces are alive and well and thriving, birthing fresh new unholy spawn in the formerly haloed halls of Congress.

Not surprisingly, it is nothing new. Over a century ago an iconic American curmudgeon said it well: 

“There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”
Mark Twain

This song and inquiry are inspired by the hope to save an endangered species: a rational, civil and informed conversation about who to vote for as President in America in November 2016.

The outcome is more vital than ever because what is at stake is more threatened than ever.

The life or death of the American Republic and Constitutional Government itself is at stake.

Those who think otherwise, wake up, or go back to sleep, and enjoy the dream world you inhabit.

To your own peril.


Eons of subservience and oppression under kings and tyrants gave birth to the most radical experiment in human dignity and freedom in known human history. It began a mere 240 years ago. It has been a work in progress from the moment it was born: the Constitutional Republic, and its Bill of Rights.

It declares as self-evident that each person has an inherent right to be alive, to protect that life with lawful lethal force, and to pursue any form of happiness, free-association, or self-expression you like, so long as you do not infringe on the rights of others to do the same.

Inherent right. Not granted right. Not given right.

Taken right.


It also declares: anything and anyone who obstructs or denies these rights through any means is by definition itself unlawful. And no matter what authority they claim to restrict those rights, they must be resisted and defeated, by defending these inherent human rights, come what may.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many, to the few.

American Abolitionist and liberal activist Wendell Phillips on January 28, 1852.


The fact that few know what inherent human rights they have, and the unending effort required to defend and maintain them, is small measure of the magnitude of danger we face.

Loosing what you do not know you have is easy; defending what you know you have, another thing entirely.

One of the greatest military strategists in US history George Washington said America could never be captured by enemies from abroad, due to its geography.

America could only be threatened or captured by enemies from within, Washington said.

General and former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about it in no uncertain terms: (1960, 2.3minutes)

As did Kennedy:

This explains why US military personnel, and all citizens who defend and protect Constitutional law, are sworn to protect America and the Rule of Constitutional law against all enemies foreign and domestic.

An oath that has no expiration date, or death.

Whichever comes first.

As the self-proclaimed “governing class” through the likes of Hillary Clinton in America and Angela Merkel in Germany, proclaim themselves above the law, an entirely new breed of  dynastic neuvo-royalty are taking root, flagrantly unaccountable to both national and international common law, bedrock of a civil and enlightened liberal society. And the scourge of that  new royalty is speading methodically.

Arresting people who merely protest and speak out against devastating immigration “proclamations” (Merkel) and flagrantly lying in front of Congress, a felony (Clinton) it becomes clear to free people everywhere: an unprecedented threat to freedom and self-defense, and the cultural values of Western civilization itself, is present and growing.

Pretending it is not there, it will worsen and deepen into the “clash of civilizations” it is intended to be by the perennial architects of “divide and conquer.”

Confederate General Albert Pike has the rare distinction of being the only Confederate ( which is to say Southern anti-Lincoln/anti-Union “rebel”) to have a statue of himself in Washington DC. On 33rd Street to be exact. General Pike had also been a 33rd Degree Mason, so I guess someone in Washington thought that would be really clever and “occult”.

As bad as most threats look like coming from “without”, they are far more dangerous where they come from “within”.

An internal pernicious allegiance (either wittingly or maliciously) aiding and abetting an “external menace” (disguised as a “refugee crisis”) is penetrating our –and all of Europe’s and the UK’s– otherwise sensible and historically well-established border and immigration controls, i.e. identify all comers and only let the non-criminal and healthy ones in.

You know: like they did on Ellis Island with all the original immigrants to America from Europe. And at all well-maintained borders, until quite recently.

What a radical “racist” idea!

But history is like a good stripper; she never reveals everything all at once, just a little bit here and there, and never for long, so you have really pay attention. And once you catch a glimpse of her hidden treasures, you never forget it.

Using immigrants to manipulate and subvert a native population, is one of the oldest tricks in the book of Empire.

From manipulating Irish Immigration waves in New York City to politically control parts of city, to using waves of immigrants by the Roman Empire to dilute and “divide” rebel populations making trouble for the Roman Empire, weaponized-immigration is one of the oldest tricks in the book of empire building.

President Roosevelt locked out Italians, Germans, and Japanese when the US was at war with them; President Carter locked out Iranians and even deported all Iranian students studying in American when the US was engaged with hostilities with Iran during the 70’s.

All responsible governments in history have done exactly the same thing under similar circumstances.

But when Trump proposes it, he’s just being a “racist”.

Mudslinging (metaphorically speaking) is protected speech under the constitution, and is certainly good for color and spice. But irreverent or just downright crude invective is only useful when the mud is mixed with some truth and fact, and not just clever but vacuous vitriol.

American presidential politics are a blood sport, and not for the faint of heart; a Darwinian necessity so to speak, hopefully assuring the survival of the morally and ethically fit, and political extinction of the mean and stupid.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been working very well the last 50 years or so.

The Continuity of Governance (COG) and unity of underlying military and strategic agenda throughout the Bush/Obama/Clinton years, is the very essence of a political juggernaut.

Its useless but profitable wars, “divide and conquer” subversion at home and abroad, and now the “above the law” immunity to any legal consequence claimed by the likes of Hillary in America and Merkel in Germany, is all the “proof ” one needs to reveal the obvious:in the offices of those with power over people and due process, things have gone egregiously array.

and they wonder why

What may look like a full spectrum political roller-coaster ride from trusting Clintonista under Bill (Slick Willy) Clinton, to naive Obamanoid in 2009, to ardent Trumpster in 2016 might seem like a “long strange trip” indeed, quoth the Grateful Dead.

With no allegiance to any party, aligned only with the rule of Constitutional Natural Law & Universal Human Rights, a prevailing allegiance to whoever serves that law and those rights is always the universally best choice.

God knows: evolution makes for strange and interesting bedfellows.

But devolution makes for even stranger bedfellows, and far more dangerous and pernicious spawn.


The good news is: there is always more security and prosperity from discerning truth and its friends, and serving it, than by avoiding troublesome truth, and being blind to its adversaries.


So when the hypnotic spell of the Manchurian candidate Barack Obama is broken by films like “The Obama Deception”, and “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Sousa, and the thick veil of false history about “Bill and Hill” back in Arkansas (soon to become the Bonnie & Clyde of Washington) is striped away by the likes of “The Clinton Chronicles” a new political reality is required to replace a fabricated and synthetic one.

It was a well-crafted and seductive illusion. I sure fell for it, coddled and mislead by a “fifth estate” (the Drain-Stream Media) that was (and is) not just editing stories, but misrepresenting and perverting the spirit and responsibility of truth-telling itself.

No wonder the Drain-Stream media in America has lees than a 10% approval rate among the American public.

One can only ingest so much BS before the sickness from ingesting too much of it kicks in . 

Years ago my mother in Chicago told me about a black senator in Illinois running for President named Barack Hussein Obama.

I had to laugh.

‘No, I am not now nor have ever been a racist’.

Just a political realist.

“With a name combining Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, fat chance of that,” I said at the time.

So I read O’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father”.

I got what I thought was an honest and accurate portrayal of his family and providence. A touching tale. I was sold. I voted for him.

And so did a lot of other people, white, black, red, yellow, and purple.

So much for “racist” America, electing a black man with a Muslim name. But the tears of joy were short lived.

The Obama Deception

Or copy and paste this link:


Fall of the Republic

 One of Obama’s first actions was to lock down all official records of his families past and providence.

When it happened, I was taken aback. I had read his book. I knew his story. Besides, he said his presidency would be the most “transparent” administrations ever. ‘What is there to hide?’ one logically wondered.

When one of Obama’s next moves was to declare for himself as commander and chief (through the “Patriot Act II” ) power to imprison without charges, interrogate, and even kill Americans under the “patriot” Act, I got a sickening feeling .

Its the feeling one gets in the gut when you realize you have just been sucker-punched.

Then stabbed in the back.

Actions still do speak louder than words.

And a lot louder than lies.

Dreams of My [REAL] Father


Director Joel Gilbert, speaking to the Press Club in Washington


The Seduction of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, by communist CIA operative, Frank Marshal Davis:


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Achilles Heel to the Clinton crime cabal, following them out of the crime-infested swamps of Arkansas that and biting at their heels in Washington ever since, Larry Nichols.


Nichols was the Clinton Campaign manager in Arkansas (hotbed of the “Dixi-Mafia”) turned Clinton-crime whistle-blower, and a major source of the original Clinton Chronicles. Nichols has followed his early revelations with fresh ones in the “New Clinton Chronicles”, with more sordid revelations into the convoluted machinations of the Clinton political war Machine.

Nichols, a relentless sheepdog, is still snapping at the vulnerable under belly of the Clinton-beast that he knows only too well, since he was one of its original progenitors, as the infamous crime-duo surge forwards “against all odds” (their “underdog” tactical specialty) to finally enthrone, once and for all, their designated queen.


Fresh out of prison, incarcerated under the Obama Administration for petty campaign contribution violations (for which no one had ever been imprisoned before; political persecution by another name) Indian-American Director Dinesh D’Souza is back on the truth-seeker/teller war path with his new film, “Hillary’s America.”

When fairy tales of false reality crumble as a consequence of ignoring reality, the blunt and ugly facts of history emerge, as if uninvited.

Hillary’s America


Unbeknownst to common knowledge, The white racist group the KluKluxKlan was KKK  was originally organized and run by southern Democrats.

Yes, you got that right.

And One of its early KKK Grand Dragons was none other that the late Senator Robert Byrd (D), a self-avowed beloved mentor to Hillary Clinton. He later disavowed himself of any allegiance to KKK membership and distorted beliefs, but while Trump was being badgered over specious links former KKK member David Duke, no mention was made of Hillary’s (former) KKK “mentor” Senator Robert Byrd.

The NRA, by contrast, reviled as a conservative and “racist” gun-rights advocate, was originally founded by southern Republicans to actually arm former slaves against their masters, coming to reclaim them and re-enslave them.

With the old brand of KKK style racism no longer working, a new strategy of dealing with the “Negro Problem” (as it was then referred to) was needed by the Democrats, who looked to the likes of Margaret Singer for new “solutions” to the “problem”.



German immigrant Margaret Singer (another person admittedly admired by Hillary Clinton, and darling of her former boss, Adolf Hitler, for Singer’s “work” in eugenics, and racial purity) taught her new American neophyte racists that outright oppressing and attaching blacks was not effective enough.

Black Americans were just too tough and clever for that.

A new and improved form of racism was clearly required.

Margaret Sanger proposed a “new solution” for the “negro problem” (as they referred to it then) just like the “Jewish Problem” she addressed for her former boss, Hitler, in her native Germany.

Instead of being their enemy, convince the The Negro that you are their friend, Singer proposed.


Develop programs for “family health,” birth control, abortion, and welfare dependency;

De-stabilize their traditional family based African cultural roots with government dependency, making black women “wards” of the state, and black men disenfranchised from their traditional family-based cultural roles and sense of responsibility.

It wasn’t an especially novel Idea.

Ancient Greek philosopher Plato almost 3000 years ago was one of its early proponents. And Roman slave masters always severed relations between the female and male slaves, and made the female the head of the fatherless “family”.

But in its new and improved form, eugenics goes “humanitarian”, coddling dependent groups while slowly eliminating them.

Hitler himself would be green with envy.

And of course, a classic fascist method of operation (MO) is to accuse ones adversary of being the demon they themselves see in the mirror.

Because the devil one knows is far more dangerous than the devil one merely imagines.


So lets look at the devils we know.


Donald Trump and many of those who support him are routinely accused of being a NAZI, including myself.

Is there any substance or evidence for this hysterical conjecture?

None at all.

So before we look at imaginary NAZI’s, lets look for a moment at those who openly attest to NAZI roots and affiliations, with pride and even joy!

Hard to imagine?

Almost 20 years ago, current Obama administration covert operative and cultural-saboteur George Soros, on a prominent evening news show, admitted that, yes, as a young man, he did in fact work for the NAZI regime in Germany, as a Jewish-Nazi collaborator, helping them identify and rob rich Jews in Germany, sending some to prison camps and possible death.

He described it as the happiest time of his life.

Soros expressed no regret.

He said if he-himself didn’t do it, someone else would have.

So he did it.  

That was his “excuse”; his “moral justification”.

The Nuremberg Court that tried and executed many Nazi’s and collaborators would not have seen it that way, had he been brought to trial for it.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to why he was NOT brought up to trial for War Crimes. Based on what we know, he would probably have been executed for it.

Self preservation (just so you know) is not considered a legal defense for justifying crimes against humanity.

Instead, Soro’s is their exulted master of chaos.

George Soro’s: Self confessed Jewish Nazi collaborator https:/–OdM

And Sorros has been a very busy little NAZI indeed.

As a financial pirate and master predator, and cultural “race-war” mercenary, Soros is linked to the “color revolution” in Egypt, subverting an authentic peoples revolution into chaos and division –his specialty.

Soros did the same in the Ukraine, aiding its descent into violence and collapse while (concurrently) speculating on the collapse of its currency, reaping millions in “inside trading” linked to currency speculation based on his own covert political activity.

And now the self-confessed and unrepentant NAZI collaborator Soros has turned his attentions back home in “America”, funding the Black Lives Matter group that went up from Chicago to riot and burn buildings to the ground in Ferguson.

The leaked DNC emails about dressing-up fake “Bernie supporters” to attack Trump supporters at Trump rallies, and make Trump AND Bernie look bad; killing two birds with one stone, is a classic Soro’s MO (Method of Operation) now emulated by neophyte operatives and minions.

Black Lives Matter Boss Soros is old White Nazi

https:/ Former Blacl Panther talks about “Black Lies Matter”.. https:/ Obama and Soros behind “Black Lives Matter” https:/

So much for the devil we know.

If you have taken the time to peruse any of these links and videos, it will be obvious to anyone with a reasoning mind that, all partisan politics aside, the American nation and its people are in a state of deepening crisis.

As a corrupt and increasingly criminal “above the law” federal government spanning almost 4 decades of both democratic and republican administrations begins to feel the heat of populist insurrection, gaining ground behind the Trump campaign, the all too real prospect of bringing the usual suspects into a court of law to answer for their crimes, becomes all too tangible and possible.

And no one know that better than the likely suspects.

Like all cornered animals, that makes them especially dangerous now.

Will the sheep follow orders, herded by wolves,  and run over the cliff?

Or will the sheepdogs succeed and intervene, and help them save themselves?

And if you cannot discern the wolves fro the sheep dogs, you fate is a forgone conclusion.


 Use your own mind, or loose it.

Because real history, like gravity, is inescapable. 

–m. zonka


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