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The “new face” of war: Manipulating the forces of nature as “force multipliers”

“Geo-Engineering Exposed” in Redding, California, Friday August 14, 2015 EVENT!

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Major Upcoming Northern California Event will Expose Global “Geo-Engineering”/Weaponization-of-Weather Programs, Friday August 14, Redding California, with MC John B. Wells of “Caravan to Mignight” (4pm Meet and Greet: 6 PM Program begins, more details & links, below).

Dane Wigington of & Steve Quayle on: Climate Engineering, Weather Wars & Aerial Spraying – July 25th, 2015 

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Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014


Major Northern California Event Will Expose Global Climate Engineering: Friday, August 14 2015, Redding, California.

Event details, below. Invite all your neighbors and friends to this unprecedented global expert level FREE public event, with MC John B.Wells of “Caravan to Midnight” !



Dane Wigington

On Friday, August 14th, 2015 a gathering has been scheduled at the David Marr Auditorium In Redding, California (seating for over 1000) to present indisputable evidence to the public on the ongoing covert catastrophic climate engineering/geoengineering  programs. This is a FREE public education event, there is no admission fee.  Numerous experts including former government biologists and defense industry personnel will present data to conclusively prove that the ongoing climate engineering programs are:
  • Contributing to global ecosystem and species die-off
  • Completely disrupting the hydrological cycle (rain cycle) all over the planet
  • Destroying the ozone layer which is causing off the chart levels of UV radiation
  • Contaminating our air, soils, and waters with highly toxic heavy metals
  • Causing extreme and unquantifiable environmental and human health impacts
  • Are being carried out illegally under the guise of “national security”
Internationally recognized radio host John B. Wells will emcee this critically important presentation of experts. In addition, John will give a short update summary on recent global events that have led humanity to this dark hour. 
John Wells 1
For over 65 years those in power have waged covert weather warfare against unsuspecting and innocent populations all over the planet. The ongoing covert climate engineering programs are referred to under several primary scientific terms: solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol geoenginering (SAG), and stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). The destruction already inflicted to the biosphere and all life forms from the climate modification insanity is immense beyond quantification and is growing by the day. Earth’s weather and life support systems have long since been completely derailed and disrupted. The highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from these covert programs has contaminated the entire surface of the planet and every breath we take.
Questions that will be addressed at by experts at the event are:
  • What is geoengineering?
  • Why is it being done?
  • Who is doing this?
  • What are the overall consequences to the biosphere and to us?
  • How can we expose and stop these lethal programs?
Experts in attendance will each give 5 minute “statements of urgency” addressing the dire climate engineering issue.
Testimony will be given from:
  • Former California Fish and Game biologist Allan Buckmann
  • Former US Forest Service biologist Francis Mangels
  • Former US Department of Agriculture farm specialist Rosalind Peterson
  • Former defense industry technician Mark McCandlish
  • Anti-geoengineering legal team attorney
  • US Navy veteran and anti-geoengineering activist Mario Ramirez
The final testimony will be from Dane Wigington, lead researcher for . This completely new presentation “Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Weather Modification Assault On Humanity” will be filled with up to the minute data to highlight the grave impacts of the ongoing climate engineering cataclysm and the threat geoengineering poses to our survival.


David Marr Auditorium, seating for over 1000

  • Doors open at 4pm, Friday, August 14th. Admission is FREE, and there will be free informational materials available, including commercial DVDs while supplies last (500 copies)
  • The event will begin at 6:45pm with John B Wells update summary
  • 7:10pm, “statements of urgency” from experts
  • 7:45pm, “Engineering Earth” completely updated power point presentation
  • 8:30pm, panel of experts will answer audience questions
  • 10:00pm, auditorium doors will close


David Marr Auditorium, 2200 Eureka Way, Redding, CA 96001

Climate Engineering is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm, public support in this fight is absolutely essential. This event is a call to action.
For more information search ““, questions can be sent to “

To view the full flyer or to print it, click to enlarge

GeoengineeringWatch - Engineering Earth Flyer (web)

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Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare. ‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change.

Weather Warfare: Beware the US military’s experiments with climatic warfare

This article was first published on Global Research on December 12, 2007.

“HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems globally.”

“‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.”

Pdf version of article on Weather Warfare by Michel Chossudovsky, The Ecologist, December 2007 (pdf)

Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use.

Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense, started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the height of the Cold War and foresaw ‘forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined’. During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques were used, starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable it selectively to alter weather patterns. The technology, which is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense Initiative – ‘Star Wars’. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems around the world.

Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’, capabilities, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes: ‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.’

In 1977, an international Convention was ratified by the UN General Assembly which banned ‘military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects.’ It defined ‘environmental modification techniques’ as ‘any technique for changing –through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.’

While the substance of the 1977 Convention was reasserted in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, debate on weather modification for military use has become a scientific taboo.

Military analysts are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter and environmentalists are focused on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Neither is the possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, part of the broader debate on climate change under UN auspices.

The HAARP Programme

Established in 1992, HAARP, based in Gokona, Alaska, is an array of high-powered antennas that transmit, through high-frequency radio waves, massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere). Their construction was funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Operated jointly by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating ‘controlled local modifications of the ionosphere’. According to its official website, , HAARP will be used ‘to induce a small, localized change in ionospheric temperature so physical reactions can be studied by other instruments located either at or close to the HAARP site’.

HAARP Program, Alaska

HAARP array of antennas

But Rosalie Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, says HAARP operates as ‘a gigantic heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet’.

Physicist Dr Bernard Eastlund called it ‘the largest ionospheric heater ever built’. HAARP is presented by the US Air Force as a research programme, but military documents confirm its main objective is to ‘induce ionospheric modifications’ with a view to altering weather patterns and disrupting communications and radar.

According to a report by the Russian State Duma: ‘The US plans to carry out large-scale experiments under the HAARP programme [and] create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines, and have a negative impact on the mental health of entire regions.’*

An analysis of statements emanating from the US Air Force points to the unthinkable: the covert manipulation of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare, enabling the US to disrupt and dominate entire regions. Weather manipulation is the pre-emptive weapon par excellence. It can be directed against enemy countries or ‘friendly nations’ without their knowledge, used to destabilise economies, ecosystems and agriculture. It can also trigger havoc in financial and commodity markets. The disruption in agriculture creates a greater dependency on food aid and imported grain staples from the US and other Western countries.

HAARP was developed as part of an Anglo-American partnership between Raytheon Corporation, which owns the HAARP patents, the US Air Force and British Aerospace Systems (BAES).

The HAARP project is one among several collaborative ventures in advanced weapons systems between the two defence giants. The HAARP project was initiated in 1992 by Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO). APTI (including the HAARP patents) was sold by ARCO to E-Systems Inc, in 1994. E-Systems, on contract to the CIA and US Department of Defense, outfitted the ‘Doomsday Plan’, which ‘allows the President to manage a nuclear war’.Subsequently acquired by Raytheon Corporation, it is among the largest intelligence contractors in the World. BAES was involved in the development of the advanced stage of the HAARP antenna array under a 2004 contract with the Office of Naval Research.

The installation of 132 high frequency transmitters was entrusted by BAES to its US subsidiary, BAE Systems Inc. The project, according to a July report in Defense News, was undertaken by BAES’s Electronic Warfare division. In September it received DARPA’s top award for technical achievement for the design, construction and activation of the HAARP array of antennas.

The HAARP system is fully operational and in many regards dwarfs existing conventional and strategic weapons systems. While there is no firm evidence of its use for military purposes, Air Force documents suggest HAARP is an integral part of the militarisation of space. One would expect the antennas already to have been subjected to routine testing.

Under the UNFCCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a mandate ‘to assess scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of climate change’. This mandate includes environmental warfare. ‘Geo-engineering’ is acknowledged, but the underlying military applications are neither the object of policy analysis or scientific research in the thousands of pages of IPCC reports and supporting documents, based on the expertise and input of some 2,500 scientists, policymakers and environmentalists. ‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.…warfare/7561
Jun 29, 2014 ‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change. By Prof …. Archive of Global Research articles on Weather Warfare.
May 18, 2015 Weather warfare” is the ultimate WMD with the potential of destabilizing … on the dangers of weather warfare and will contribute to the broader ……warfare/5356630
Feb 1, 2014 The modern weather modification program, at least in the US, is over 70 …. Weather Warfare also spends a good deal of time covering the …
HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare. By Fred Burks. Global Research, January 18, 2015. Global Research and ……as…warfare…/5432224
Feb 19, 2015 CIA Looking Into Weather Modification as a Form of Warfare … Have Researched Weather Modification As Warfare For Many Decades.
Jun 29, 2015 Climate engineering is a completely runaway juggernaut of total insanity. The planet’s climate system is unraveling by the day as the …
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
covert manipulation of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare, enabling the US to disrupt and dominate  …
Jul 7, 2014 Chemtrails, Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare and Global Warming … This video presentation discusses the reality of weather modification …
Oct 8, 2005 “It is time people began focusing on these weapons instead of … The Russians are thought to have their own “weather steering” system, called …

See No Evil, Be No Evil: Fukushima: Out of Sight –Out of Your Mind!

See No Evil, Be No Evil.

-marco zonka

As the first radioactive plume fromFukushima blew across the Pacific and approached landfall over the continentalUnited StatesandCanada, EPA officials under Obama and environmental agencies all acrossCanadamoved together. A unified and seemingly well-rehearsed action to “protect” the people from the impending threat was engaged and set into motion.

What did they do?

They shut off every single radiation montoring station on the North American continent.

Nuclear/tectonic expert Leuren Moret  explains the progressive fallout from Fukushima across the Northern Hemisphere.

Why did US and Canadian “public health” officials suddenly shut down all nuclear fallout monitoring systems, put in place since the Soviet Union vs. America “cold wars”, to warn of such threats?

They didn’t say.

See no evil, be no evil.

Immediately after shutting off radiation monitoring systems from Atlantic to Pacific, with the precision of a well rehearsed choir, The US and Canadian officials made a simultaneous “proclamation”: All levels of what used to be considered “safe” levels of radiation were suddenly and arbitrarily increased anywhere from 200% to 2000%, depending on the isotope.

Where did they get the data to support this sudden and precipitous increase in radio-active particulate “safety” levels? From scientists? Expert studies?

They didn’t say.

In fact: They made up the new “standard” out of thin air. All expert scientists in the field of radiation’s effect on human and animal health agree: there is no “safe level of radiation.” Period.

So how much did the radiation actually increase?

They didn’t say.

The EPA had already “shut off” all the monitoring stations, and would provide no more public reports about that.



One guess.

They didn’t say.

Shortly after landfall on US soil, three days after the meltdown in Fukushima, freak “tornados” suddenly appeared over The San Francisco Bay Area, as reported in the local Bay Area media. In fact: local weather forecasts even went so far as to “predict” that those tornados would happen. (They do happen in the Bay Area occasionally, but quite rarely. Yet they could suddenly predict them?)

Those tornado’s, with almost miraculously maximized efficiency, dispersed and brought to the ground (via rain) the most concentrated initial fallout from Fukushima, all across California. Rainfall in thePacific Northwestalso brought it down.Washingtonstate took some initial readings, and soon found it concentrating in the milk of cows out eating green grass (rain fallout) and declared “dangerous” levels of radiation at that time. They never made another report.

UC Berkely Department of Nuclear Physics also registered readings of full spectrum isotopic radiation on their rooftop monitoring station, indicating an especially lethal blend of short duration isotopes (iodine based) to long-lived and far more deadly particles (plutonium-based) and issued health warnings through local media networks, only a few of which actually broadcast them.

One EPA official went so far as to state that levels of radiation coming fromFukushimawere little more than the radiation level we are exposed to while “using a cell phone.” Nuclear radiation expert Dr. Christopher Busby in theUK–consultant to both the BBC and the British government on health related radiation issues, hearing those statements, was disgusted. Stating that particulate radiation is so much more deadly that wave-form radiation as to be completely non-comparable, Dr Busby said such as statement is tantamount to “criminal negligence.”

A few Days later, fallout fromFukushimawould begin all acrossEurope.

Chernobyl, the next most deadly nuclear reactor melt-down in history (beforeFukushima) had already left its mark all across Europe andRussia. According to statistical analysis, the cumulative lethal effects fromChernobyl, now spanning a period of more than 20 years of morbidity studies across Europe, are clear: More than 1,000,000 people died as a direct result of the fallout fromChernobyl.  It took 20 years, but it killed a million-plus people.

AndFukushimahas been described by nuclear expert loren Moret as “Chernobylon steroids.”

French Cheese, Anyone?    

Seven days after making landfall inCalifornia, that radioactive cloud began passing overEurope. A few days after that, much to their credit, French public health officials made a public warning: a sudden rise on radiation had been detected in cow’s milk, and they advised pregnant mothers to avoid drinking it.

That cloud has now continued to encircle the Northern hemisphere many times over. And those reactors are still open and smoldering pits, with radioactive plumes still spewing up into the sky and leaking into the ocean.

It is, according to Helen Caldecott, “the most deadly toxic disaster in human history.”

And it is not yet “under control”.

It is still burning and emitting radiation.

No End in Sight.

As the three reactor cores inFukushimacontinue to burn their way down deeper and deeper into the ground, another distinctly profound danger still lurks in the days ahead, with great uncertainty yet grave danger.

If the burning core burn their way down into the water table under the shattered nuclear facilities, they will begin to emit radioactive steam, as the water inter acts with the sinking burning cores. This could precipitate, in effect, a volcanic eruption of radioactive steam.

Fukushima, disappearing from public view, still looms more dangerous and deadly than ever.


In the Belly of the Beast: “Chemtrails” & Geo-warfare from the Inside Out

In the Belly of the Beast:

NSA analyst A.C Griffith has seen

The “chemtrails” program “from inside”

And speaks out to warn the people.

When a former military officer with the caliber of NSA communications analyst A.C. Griffith comes forth, with revelations unraveling a multi-limbed and hydra-headed beast of intrigue and cunning, it is worth while to perk up your most discerning mind and knowing heart, and give a listen.

–marco zonka

When Obama’ selected John Haldren to be his “science czar”one wonders why he did not look into Haldren’s closet first. There is always the possibility of finding unsightly or potentially embarrassing skeletons lying around in such places. In fact, Haldren makes collecting skeletons into a scientific specialty.  After all, a man with the hubris to not only write about but to go ahead and actually publish a book called “eco-science”  –advocating the behavioral-drugging and sterilization of the general populace through additives in their water— must have (in addition to a few screws loose in his head) quite a few skeletons in his closet. And the pile is growing. Death, according to Haldren, is a growth industry. But then, considering what Haldren said in his first ever press conference as Obama’s “science czar”, it is clear that Obama must have not only read Haldren’s masterpiece of eugenics; he apparently liked it.

In his first-ever press conference as part of the Obama Administration, Haldren stated that “The problem of human caused global warming is so dire, that we may have to consider last ditch efforts” including “geoengineering” in hopes of bringing it under control.

“Geoengineering is politico-speak for: “chemtrails”.

The “Chemtrails Conundrum” has astonished and baffled and infuriated its observers (myself included) for more than a decade now in theUS,Canada, theUK,New Zealandand many other nations. Its sheer obviousness and the megalomaniacal scale of its dangers and threats belie an act of consummate cunning. It is a perfect “text book” example of the socio-pathology that lends a cloak of invisibility to any given Hitlerian “big lie” hidden in plain sight, but so monstrous and horrible that the average person simply cannot believe it. And there-in lies its diabolical genius.  And yet its purpose or intention has remained largely hidden or deliberately obscured, while the theories and “rumors” about it have seemed so conflicting –and even contradictive– to one another.

But global aerosol-spay operations on the scale of the “chemtrails” involving many nations all over the world –by the very nature of diplomatic and strategic maneuvers—must be fraught with all manner of fraud, manipulation, and deceit –both for pubic consumption, and private persuasion.

So when someone of the caliber of former NSA communications analyst A.C. Griffith comes forth, with revelations and inside information unraveling this multi-limbed and hydra-headed beast of intrigue and cunning, it is worth while to perk up your discerning mind and heart, give a listen.

In a stunning over view that encompasses military-insider information about chemtrails, tectonic/weather-control, biological warfare, and  psychological-control/scalar technology, Griffith shows how many of the seemingly conflicting “theories” about chemtrails are in fact accurate aspects of an over-all atmospheric-control system that incorporates many objectives into one.

Contextual Note: This interview took place many years ago, and the geo-strategic global chess-board about which it gives good intelligence has gone through numerous permutations and re-alignments since then, both from strategic desire, and tactical desperation.

That said,Griffithrightly attributes most of the advanced weaponry involved in the development of the “scalar-wave weapon systems” to Russian scientists, and its deployment probably by a KGB operation that is “not necessarily being controlled by the Russian government.” Griffith said You will hear Griffith speak of several “scalar attacks” against America and Americans, even killing some, as Russia “tested” its handy and relatively compact and energy-efficient “system” against American assets, to see “how they react”, just as “the US has done against China” Griffith said.

Since then, it is my understanding, a geo-strategic “deal” has been “brokered” between the Russian agencies and politic-gangster cabal that control these Russian “assets, and their politico-criminal counterparts in the belly of the beast here inAmerica.

Furthermore, in the audio-link provided below, the interview segues into a current report about the “explosions” happening all across parts ofWisconsinthe last few days(3-25/26-2012). Clearly, the producer thinks there is a connection, which is possible, but she does not link it conclusively to the scalar technology.

That segues further into a final 5 minute segment that IS of interest, historically, with regard to the Russian “scalar” technology: In the last segment you can listen to in the link below, you can watch and listen to a Russian TV show with guest “Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky”, a former colonel in Russian army, founder and leader of the democratic party, vice chair of the state of Duma, and member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

In this almost comic-dramatic verbal rampage, Zhirinovsky warms the world in no uncertain terms about the secret weapons his cohort Russian mobsters/military forces have, and their willingness to use them, come what may, if necessary.

-m zonka


As spoken by NSA technology communication analyst

A.C Griffith, in a broadcast radio-conversation with interviewer Joyce Riley, regarding the inception and deployment of the US’s global “chemtrails” atmospheric aerosol spray program:

 (And/or watch and listen at:  )

Former NSA Analyst A.C. Griffith:

“Several years ago I  got a call from Mike Blair from the “Spotlight” newspaper inWashington, now called “The American Free Press”, he asked me to help work with him on the story about the white trails coming from the airplanes. And time is gone by and I guess this was 8 or 9 years ago.

“We actually got inside the program. We were the only people in the world that have actually got inside that program. The aerosol program, the chemtrail program.”

“I am talking about, actually, getting inside the program at Wright Patterson airforce base where it is been managed. And we actually got into some of the people that were dissatisfied form within the program they divulged. A lot of the acronyms and the purpose of the program and so on, and that is the only way that anybody could ever have broken the secrecy of this program.
We know that people have died over this program. People have been hit, to keep them quiet. And we know that other things have happened at key people of this program. One of the key people that designed the aerosol, the barium salt aerosol, was set-up by the people in Reagan administration, and he is now sitting in the federal penitentiary. They still go to him to ask him questions, but jet he is in the prison.

“That is little unnerving, isn’t it? That the man that has designed the barium salt aerosol is sitting in the prison.” –AC Griffith said.

“The white trails are not coming out of the engines, its coming out of the aerosol units on the aircraft.
In the very beginning, at early days, the aircraft were flying relatively low, 10.000 feet or bellow, and they were developing the program. They were mostly contract aircraft, mostly CIA aircraft.
Now program has been extended and commercial airliners have been outfitted with aerosol units that are controlled thru computer systems and satellites to dispense a barium salt mixture. So the mixture of barium aerosols are not coming thru the engine, its coming out of the aerosol units. And we have checked on information and we do confirm that the name the project is “Project Cloverleaf” in the aircraft industry. It is very secretive, it is the most secretive I have ever encountered. People have died over this talking about it.

“I listened to your broadcast just a few minutes ago, the general was on saying that he is very patriotic and he feels compelled to speak out, and that is exactly the way as I feel. I am very patriotic. I was born before the WWII, I am an old guy. And I come from that generation and that mind set. This is my country. And I see my country being dissolved. My country is being destroyed right in front my eyes, and the people are being hurt, and that’s why I consented to be on your radio program today. You all remember you asked me many times to do this and I have been very reluctant, but its time, its time to speak out and go public with things. There are people who have lost their lives, people who are now in prison as result of divulging this information.

“I am inRichmondVirginia, just a few miles from the spot that Patrick Henry stood in 1775. He was talking to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and George Whitehead, and others inSt. John’schurch. And they were talking about the oppression coming fromEnglandat the time. And he was a little put out at them for not deciding a course and he concluded his speech to them with: ” I do not know what course others may choose, but as for me – give me liberty or give me death”.

And I think we are approaching a time like that,”Griffith said.

“Fast forward [from then] to the Iranian Contra.
The boy count, with the Clinton body count in Mina Airport, Arkansas, was about 75 people that were suicided. The CIA operated that whole thing at Mina Airport. They put in the Richmond Aviation company for CIA front and brought aircraft in from all over the world for refurbishing. Barry Seals showed up again, remember Barry Seals now with the Kennedy thing, and Carlos Marcello, the drug dealer.
Barry Seals got a KC123 out of Wright Patterson flying guns toSouth America, and drugs back. They were dealing in hundreds of tons of drugs. It was so many drugs, it was like freight trains loaded with drugs, and 75 people that got in the way were taken out including Vance Pollster and all those people”

“Notice one interesting thing.
Admiral Jeremiah Border, he was a chief of naval operations. He was a Jewish man. He enlisted in Navy when he was 17 years old and stayed an enlisted man for 6 years, and then went up in the ranks to become no. 1 naval officer in the USA Navy. He was Chief of Naval Operations.

“Well, un-expectedly one night he decided to suicide himself in his house, and he shot himself twice in his chest with the shotgun. He was the Chief of Naval Operations and he opposed the chemtrails project.

“Then the chemtrail project started after admiral Border was replaced. Jeremiah Border, he was a dedicated man, he was sincere man, he was a good man.

“So, you see the picture of how this thing operates.

The CIA finances projects with moneys earned elsewhere. Moneys that going to CIA projects don’t necessarily come out from congressional appropriations. And I will tell you that the congress is completely oblivious to the aerosol program. They are afraid to ask.
I had an meeting with the administrative aid of the congressman, he drove all the way toRichmond fromWashington to meet with me. We spent about one hour, I gave him complete overview presentation. He “looked at me, stood up and he said: “What you expect me to do Griff, they would lie to me to”, and I shook his hand, hugged the secretary and he left.

“[The chemtrails] are a very complicated thing. You must know the people, you must know what they are capable of, you must know their intent, you must realize that you are dealing with people with no faces that have not been elected. You do not know who they are, you do not know what are they putting in those aircraft.
The security on the substance going into the aircraft, what ever somebody puts in the aircraft it is going to come out from the aircraft. That is the real concern.
The EPA has been told to keep their nose out of it.
On the state levels, the state, here in Virginia is the Department of the Environmental Quality, I was told by high people there, they have been told to live it alone, don’t look at it, don’t at the air quality when it comes to the aerosols. Talk about ozone level involved.

“DARPA is involved in spraying cities. We caught them spraying Ashville North Carolina several years ago with the substance called BCTP developed under contract at the University of Michigan…

“Representative Kucinich introduced HR 2799 and he was called aside and told to take it out, and he did, and he got very quiet about it. I cannot tell you enough that this is a very dangerous thing to get in to. It is very dangerous to talk about this.
As long as people talk about the normal stuff on the internet they are OK. The agencies have been told to leave this alone. As in the Watergate and some of this other projects that I mentioned everybody involved thought that they were doing it for some reasons, a different reason. They did not know what it was about, everybody was going in different direction. That is the same thing we find here in aerosol program.
“The pilots probably do not know what they are doing, the crews that put it there they have no idea what it was for. We believe that it was sold to governments as global warming fix. We believe that but it was not.

Griffith continues:

 “The navy program “Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation” (VTRPE) was a sub program of the Radio Frequency Mission Planner” system  (RFMP).

The chemtrails vapor program is for the VTRPE system “first put on [the aircraft carrier] Enterprise and other aircraft carriers for battle field imaging”

(Note: the Enterprisewas just dispatched to be the 3rd aircraft carrier sent to threaten Iran, on a voyage that the US military keep referring to as it “last voyage” before it is “decommissioned.” 

Griffith: “[The use of chemtrails was originally] about a sub program in the Navy program called VTRPE. That is what it is about. You heard all kinds of explanations for 7 or 8 years but its for the VTRPE. And its the part of the Radio Frequency Mission Planner. It’s a computer system, RFMP, and VTRPE programs are the sub programs within that system. And it was first put on theENTERPRISE and other aircraft carriers for battlefield imagining. The system would not work over the land terrain adequately, or accurately rather, without creating conduction of the radio waves over the land terrain, and they use the mixture of barium salts to do that. And that enables the whole system to function. It is the system thatUSA uses inAfghanistan, andIraq and probably will use it inIran and some other applications. And that is what it’s about. It is about VTRPE.

“Within the Navy program we see DARPA and they are into biologicals, and that is where [the work of] Clifford (Carnicom) shines. He has identified many, many very harmful biologicals coming out of the aerosols.  We have the greatest admiration for Clifford and we have admiration for Scott (Stevens) the weatherman. He is a man of conviction.

“So DARPA is [involved with what DARPA officials say is an aerosol atmospheric-sprayed antidote for] anthrax. That was one of the first things that we saw coming out of the aircraft. We caught them spraying the city ofAshville,North Carolina. Strange. Art Bell’s mother lived in Ashville, and Art Bell talked about it on the air, although he did not fully understand it.

“Now here is the killer, here is the big one.

“Recently we come upon another danger hidden in atmosphere overAmericathat has nothing to do with Navy, VTRPE, or the aerosol-ing. It is an attack on the North American weather. The weather is being manipulated form the outside of the country. The hurricane that slammed intoNew Orleanswas guided in there. So was the hurricane Rita, and Gastone and some of the others.

(Note: If this is true, the behavior of  US “FEMA” officials in exacerbating the devastating effects of this super-storm, and frustrating the genuine rescue and relief operations of other groups and people, indicate collusion, and therefore, knowledge of “the attack” from “within” the US.)
“We believe that the Russian systems that have been developed since late 50′ and early 60′ inRussia, is the ultimate weapon and that we have no defense against it. It is called SCALAR. That is the modern name for the systems. Scalar weapons.

Three Types of “Scalar-Weapons:

“There are three divisions of scalar coming againstAmerica. One is called energetics, and energetics [are used against aircraft or ships] and [were used] against the Challenger, theColumbia, and the Thresher submarine, where 129 men died. We are sure those were attacks by Russian scalar weapons. Actually interferometer transmitters used in an interferometer way with 2 transmitters intersecting overnorth America…

The other system is called bioenergetics, a bio-Scalar weapon [that] comes against living bodies, their bio chemistry. And another system is called psycho-energetics. It functions on the mind, you can actually insert thoughts or another personality in the person.

On the website you will find a link to Tom Bearden, he defines all of that and tells quite a story about it. Tom Bearden has been the Tesla Guru for many years. He is highly respected, he is a brilliant man and a great American…

The scalar transmitters in Russiaare controlled by FSB, the old KGB, and not necessarily under the control of the Russian government.
The woodpecker transmitters that have been going on for 25, 30 years over North America are part of the weapon system coming againstNorth America. We are experiencing and hearing from the people from all over the country that hey are experiencing dizzy spells and they fall forward to the left. They are dizzy, fall forward to the left. I am sure that many of you listeners right now are saying, my God, that has happened to me. Well, it is happening all over the country and that is the manifestation of the scalar weapons systems.

The town inKansaswas devastated as result of guiding and manufacturing that storm. That is going to increase in the rest of this year. The hurricanes were suppressed last year, but hopefully theUSAscience community will be able to suppress them again. That is the real threat against us right now.

Other countries have this weapons systems. We are late coming in to speed. We do not have adequate defenses against tem right now.
I will tell you thatIsrael stood between US andRussia with its defenses.Israel protected theUS on several occasions. When we get right down to the line, there has been some white-knuckles time wiht people completely oblivious to it. But, again, we are sure that Challenger was taken down and other commercial aircraft. On the west coast Alaskan airlines has been having a lot of trouble running into the scalar fields. But nobody knows about it.

Back when I was 19 years old, first went into the service, we were in Philippinesin intelligence, we would penetrate Chinese airspace on regular bases to see how they will react and we would listen to their communications, military, and we would know something about their defenses. The Russians are doing the very same thing to us right now and we are not responding. It is as if we had no idea what is going on. And each time that happens they become more confident.
If we go into Iran God only knows what is going to happen.”

-end transcript-

A skeptics compulsory footnote: Many aspects of whatGriffith reports here have been corroborated through other channels; other aspects, such has “Israel coming to our aid” against the Russians, strikes this writer as peculiar and therefore, suspect. Given his credentials and level of profound expertise in these matters, one can only leave it up to the reader to ascertain for themselves the overall veracity ofGriffiths report and claims. It is my sense thatGriffith is a man of deep integrity and love for his country, and that is why I think what he has to say is of profound importance to our safety as a people, as a nation and as a living world.

–Marco Zonka

(Or watch and listen to this interview and more at:  )

New Zealand ALERT! (3-22/23 2012): US Troops Now in NZ doing “Training Exercises” with NZ Soldiers. NEXT STOP: WELLINGTON…

US troops training with NZ soldiers 3-22/23 2012

New Zealand  ALERT!    (3-22/23 2012)

US Troops Now in NZ doing “Training Exercises” with NZ Soldiers.

NEXT STOP: “Tsunami Drill ” in WELLINGTON today…

US troops are now on the ground in New Zealand, doing “training exercises” with New Zealand soldiers, exercises that are “not allowed” to be filmed or recorded, this report says. They are heading to Wellington soon. “Training exercises” involving foreign troops often miraculously occur precisely at the time of huge “natural disasters”.

You know, like earthquakes and tsunamis.

You know, like in Haiti (1-11-2010) Japan (3-11-2011) Indonesia (12-25-2004) and Christchurch (2-22-2011) not too long ago.
“Beware the ides of March” goes the ancient Roman dictum of the Imperium.
To all Kiwi’s of every race, creed, color and kind!
Keep your eyes and ears and minds and hearts wide open!

–see link, below

Fukushima: Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

"A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it" -Albert Einstein

Fukushima: Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

By Marco Zonka

 The nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, disappearing from public view, is far more dangerous hidden from sight

“This is the greatest public health threat that the world has ever witnessed.” -Dr. Helen Caldicott

European and American nuclear physicists are issuing bleak
assessments regarding the ongoing radiation fallout across the entire NorthernHemisphere from the meltdown and explosion in Fukushima. According to nuclear power andpublic health specialists Dr. Christopher Busby and Dr. Robert Bowman, eventsin Fukushima are already far worse than Chernobyl, are far frombeing over, appear to be worsening still, and there is no end in sight.

A chorus ofso-called “experts” are being marched out to reassure the public that everything is ok, that the radiation levels being released across the northern hemisphere are insignificant and not a cause for worry:

“What all those people have in common is ignorance” said Dr Busby.

“We are in uncharted territory” with regard to the situation at Fukushima, Dr Christopher Busby said, radiation sickness advisor to the BBC and EU commissions on nuclear issues and public health, adding it is literally a “science fiction scenario” type event of unprecedented scale, complexity and global impact.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to issue statements indicating that the levels of radioactive fallout occurring across the US “are safe”, even as they have increased their definition of “safe levels” without giving any scientific justification for having done so. Radiation of this kind, particulate radiation, is “cumulative” Dr Busby said. And as it continues to burn in Fukushima, it continues to disperse a toxic and cumulative cloud of radioactive material that does not remain constant, but is increasing the dangerousness of the threat.

Negligence? Or…

Over three weeks ago France has issued public health
warning about the dangers of radioactive fallout -especially for children and people with compromised immune systems- the EPA according to its own website has arbitrarily raised the level of what they call safe anywhere from 300x to 3000x higher than they were just days ago.

“There is really NO safe level for radiation,” Dr. Busby said. “Even the background radiation that we geteveryday, if it gets you at the right place, can cause cancer.” And to raisethe levels of what are considered “safe” utterly arbitrarily and without any scientific basis amounts to “criminal negligence” with regard to their supposed role in safeguarding public health.

Dr. Busby is not alone in his stark assessments.

According to Dr. Robert Bowman, director of advanced space programs for the Ford and Carter administrations, former air force lieutenant colonel and doctorate in aeronautics and nuclear engineering, the radioactive fallout fromJapan is a real and present danger.

“We already have had some effect like that from Chernobyl, which went around the world, Dr. Bowman said, “but they will be higher this time from Fukushima, considerably higher. There will be a lot of people in the United States who get cancer from this, and will never know that it came from radiation” from Japan, Bowman said.

Both doctors Busby and Bowman agree: The situation in Japan
is far worse than is being reported and, as stated by the provincial Governorof the Fukushima district in Japan, a full-blown cover-up is
well underway.

“This is worse thanChernobyl” said Dr Busby.

Define Bad

Three weeks ago the number 3 reactor in Fuchshima exploded,
and it is now openly admitted by the Japanese government that it sent
radioactive fuel-rods flying, shattering into thousands of pieces, and landing all over in a one mile radius; bulldozers were used to bury them in the ground. Water at seven and a half million times’ safe radiation levels was pumped into the ocean. Nearby hospitals are filled to capacity with thousands of people stricken with radiation sickness, so contaminated that doctors refuse to treat them, for fear of being contaminated themselves, Busby said.

In response to the dispersion cloud emanating from Japan, people in Korea and China are reportedly staying home from school or work to avoid being contaminated by fallout, while here the US the EPA is raising the “safe” level of radioactive nickel (up 24,900x,) and radioactive iodine 131 (up 100,000 x) little of which is being analyses much less reported by mass media. State government agencies in the US have picked up 300x safe levels of radiation in milk and food, and 17 states across the country have taken independent readings that confirm high levels of radioactive fallout from Japan.

“It is criminal irresponsibility” Dr Busby said, and when the cancers spike “I do hope that they will be held responsible by name” for playing this down. “It is a global catastrophe, and it is no longer possible to just leave it to the Japanese government and Japanese people to pay for this. It is the nuclear industry that is responsible and they should pay for this, saying this was all safe, designed in the US by GE, who should foot the bill and go in there and sort this out.” Dr. Busby said.

Radiation is “Good for You”

In response to events in Japan, India has reportedly banned all Japanese products from entering their country, but in America the EPA is not even testing food or fish or produce coming from Japan, before it is being sent to stores all across the country. None-the-less, a bevy of columnists and talking heads, like the Guardians Monibot or Ann Coulter, claim radiations “is good for you.”

“Don’t believe your government, its spokespeople or the EPA, or the (British) health protection agency, or the Japanese authorities; all of these people, all along have been saying there is no problem, and then when it is forced into the open they say, o well it might be a problem but it is not as bad as all that, and that goes on endlessly,” Dr
Busby said.

The emergency response toward this is also “worse than Chernobyl”, Dr Busby said, where authorities immediately evacuated people within 30k radius; in Japan the radioactive readings in a 68 k radius are as high as Chernobyl (encompassing an area 7x the area affected by Chernobyl) yet they are still allowing people to live there. According to Dr Busby that area should be extending to between a 100k to 200k radius.Thirty six million people in Tokyoare in immanent danger, they all need fresh water, fresh food from other parts of the world uncontaminated by this, Busby said. This is a global operation and they need to do that now or the death toll will be absolutely monstrous. “The people responsible should go to jail, there is no question about that,” Dr Busby said.

Danger is Relative

 “My research shows that existing power plants cause a
doubling of the risk of a whole range of cancers, and up to a 10x greater riskof childhood cancers and leukemia. But the real problem is from the
radiation itself, that they leak endlessly, and that the reprocessing plants,
waste, and uranium produced as a result of uranium mining (not to mention the nuclear weapons testing from the 1959 to 1963 which generated an enormous amount of plutonium 239 and strontium 90 and cesium 137) all of which are also coming out of Fukushima. And this material, along with the depleted uranium that is being used in large quantities in the various Middle Eastern wars and in Afghanistan,
it has all increased the rate of cancer throughout the world.

We have a 30 to 40% increases in cancer, in
real terms. You don’t have to go to cancer registries to find this out; dogs,
cats, they are all dying of cancer. This is a cancer epidemic, said Dr Busby,
and all of it caused by the increase in the quantity of these radioactive
substances beingreleased into the environment. This is also causing
increases in infertility. This will flood the world with nuclear radiation, andeventually there will so much infertility in the people and the animals, thatlife itself will be threatened, Bursby said.

Background Radiation: Coming to the Fore

Until 1991 US troops were not allowed to use DU (depleted
Uranium) used to made super-hardened artillery, which can pierce the walls oftanks, explodes on impact, and actually burns at high temperature for quite a while, releasing radioactive particles into the local environment. But after 1991 the military arbitrarily decided DU was suddenly “safe” for US soldiers to handle and use as common munitions. And after the uranium-infused artillery came into widespread use after 1991, the whole of Jerusalem became contaminated by uranium particles.

A study done a few years ago of sperm counts of young Israeli men in Jerusalem revealed a 40% reduction in the viable sperm count in young men studied in the last 10 years. If it continues at that rate, Dr Busby said, by 2020 there will be no more Israeli people. And that is “similar to sperm counts falling globally, from weapons fallout from the 1960’s.”

“The risk model that they have for internal radio nucleotides is completely incorrect, and the people are not fooled anymore, particularly because of the internet, and people who can get the truth out onto the internet, and independent channels of communication. They are obviously voting with their feet, they aren’t drinking the water, and they are not drinking the milk so obviously they are not taking the advice given to them by the authorities.” Dr Busby said.

“We know that these reactors are still fissioning” Busby continued: “Some of the isotopes have been measured, very short-life isotopes that only occur during fission, and so we know that these reactors are still fissioning, and that these materials are still being released. It is not as if it was all released suddenly and then it stopped and all we have to do now is cover it up with concrete and it will all go away.
That isn’t the case. What we have are two naked reactors functioning on the ground which are totally open and are polluting the planet and something has to be done about it.”

Kingdom Come? Or gone…

Meanwhile “huge amounts of radioactive materials are being
distributed into the atmosphere and into the water, and a lot of the gaseous radio nucleotides will travel through the air and make their way to the united states, and they are already doing that, and there are increased levels there which I think are now cause for concern” he said.

“Confidential information that came to me, I cant tell you who from, but they are so concerned about it that
they have developed an argument between the US advisors and the French advisors over what to do, and the US advisors want to bomb these reactors into the sea, while the French advisors want to drop concrete on them, to seal them up. The problem is: they are still fissioning there underneath for a long time, certainly as much as a year.

“All of this is basically science fiction stuff, who could possibly figure out what the best way is to deal with this?” Dr Busby wondered.  “In
1957 there was a nuclear explosion in Kishtim Russia were spent nuclear fuel rods melted down and exploded contaminating 1000 sq kilometers. But this one “is like an ongoing explosion.”

There are factors here without precedent, so unknown, using seawater and salt to try to cool down the reactors and stop them. A big part of the hysteria among the officials talking about this is “the possibility that plutonium will separate itself out of the mix in this toxic brew a cause a spontaneous nuclear explosion, that is not entirely
ruled out of the equation, and as crazy as bombing it into the sea may seem, it may in fact be the best idea…we just don’t know”, Dr Busby said.Nuclear experts say Chernobylwas 400 x more deadly than Hiroshima. Why are reactor melt-downs so much
more dirty than an atomic or hydrogen explosion?

“The reason they are more dirty is that they have vast amounts of uranium involved. In Hiroshima there was maybe a ton [of radioactive
material] in total. What we are talking about here in Fukushima are several thousand tons. The number of spent fuel rods [in one reactor] there was about 1,700. Each reactor contains 100 to 150 tons of radioactive material.

“Chernobyl(we now know) was not a hydrogen explosion; it was a [spontaneous] nuclear explosion. There was a xenon ratio of nuclear isotopes present there that defined it is a nuclear
explosion, vaporizing at most 200 tons. In Fukushima [there are six reactors] we have a lot more than that, we have a huge amount of fuel that can go up in the air, and a lot of it already has” Dr. Busby said.

Hidden History

According to Dr. Busby, nuclear scientists from Russia
were in Berlin last week, and they said a residual radioactive signature
defined by the residues of xenon 133 and xenon 133M  defines whether any given meltdown at a power plant is a hydrogen explosion, or true nuclear explosion.  That ratio is either 22 or it 12, the scientists explain. Chernobyl was determined to be 15, meaning, Dr Busby said: Chernobyl
“was a nuclear explosion.”  And while there is no evidence thus far made public to indicate that the Fukushima event was a nuclear explosion, Dr Busby said: “but my belief is that it was” a nuclear explosion.

They have not released the actual isotope readings from Fukushima,
and for the first three weeks would not release anything from the three
prefectures in and around it, which they admit they did because they “they
didn’t want to scare people” Busby said.

“My feeling is they do not want people to know how much plutonium and uranium is floating about, because that is really dangerous stuff. “All this focus on iodine is a red herring in a way, and even on cesium 137. The real serous isotopes are the uranium isotopes and the plutonium because they are alpha emitters and they can float along as particulate like little hot coals, and they go inside you and produce massive doses or radiation, and we certainly need to know about them in the united states as well. If there is a slight increase in the incidence of iodine particles it is likely that there is and increase in plutonium as well, to say nothing of tritium, we haven’t heard anything about tritium which would be produced in massive, massive amounts, as a form of radioactive water, its radioactive water, I would like to know what the tritium level is like in the tap water in Tokyo”

Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

Two subtle yet equally lethal forms of fallout are
occurring across North America: it is not just the cumulatively lethal
radiation from Fukushima Japan, encircling the globe, and
falling across the entire northern hemisphere, that is cause for deep concern.
Just as dangerous, just as lethal, just as injurious to public health, is the
clear and present danger of a mass media so systemically in collusion with
corporate power that the very government agencies originally designed to
protect us from them, are now owned and controlled by them.

The good news is that people are no longer falling for this ruse, and the mass media are losing their audiences in droves; the bad news is: radioactivity endures for a very long time, whether we “know about it” or not.

As a nation, as a people, as a world, we cannot expect to know what to do about any situation unless we are given accurate truthful information about it. This article is one small eyeglass looking into a very large and complex and dangerous situation, unfolding now, even as you read this, in real time. And this is not the end of the
story. There is more to come.


Plant your gardens of love and earthly delights.
Keep your faith, love one another, fear not the darkness, and stay in the
light. It is ALL we have. It is ALL we are.

-Marco Zonka

French warning re Food no longer “negligible”.

Effects of Japan
on US and world economy:

Dr Busby write about so-called “nuclear experts”

except of interview with Dr Busby with Alex Jones

EPA deploys minitors but refuses to release results

EPA continues to state that radioactive levels are safe,
but refuse to release their own data and readings.

Radiation is “good for you”.

Hating Haiti: Tinkering with Tectonics

Haiti "earthquake" or "tectonic warfare" signature?

Earthquake in Haiti: Unmasking the Masking of Force

Marco Zonka


On January 10 –the day before the quake in Haiti– the US Southern Command was preparing to test an emergency response system that would simulate a “Haiti relief” operation, according to a government and IT publication

 “After the earthquake hit on Tuesday,” said IT manager Jean De May, SOUTHCOM “decided to go live with the system.”

According to DeMay, who happened to be at the Southern Command Headquarters in Miami that day, the US was preparing to launch a test scenario that involved a “Haiti Relief” operation, in response to an imaginary hurricane.

According to Cris Wilson, Chief of Staff of the Joint Forces Command Support Element (JCSE), those systems were operational ”in a matter of hours.”

JCSE was able to get its gear into Haiti quickly “because the systems already were loaded on pallets in Miami in preparation for an exercise that had been canceled,” Wilson said, as reported in the January 15 issue of “Nextgov”, a government and industry IT publication.

A few days after the quake, according to Democracy Now reports, [1/19] the aid group “Doctors without Borders” and a French airplane, carrying a complete field-hospital, were refused landing by US military authorities, and the US “relief effort” was being witnessed and described as a “military operation” that was more like “a US occupation” than a “relief effort”.

A few days later, Venezuelian President Hugo Chaves accused the United States of once again “playing God”, according to RT News. Chaves claimed that the US caused the quake in Haiti, using a “tectonic weapon” launched from a US navy ship.

“This time it is only a drill,” Chavez reportedly said.

And the next target is to destroy and take over Iran, Chavez reportedly said.

Is there any credible evidence of such technology?

How to Cause an Earthquake

Government sources have for several decades revealed the existence of systems that can alter the weather, inducing droughts or storms, as a form of “force multiplication,” to assist and enhance military operations and objectives.

According to Nick Begich, author of “Angels Don’t Play the Haarp”, one off these technologies involves ELF waves (Extreme Long Frequency). These waves are also linked to the “HAARP array”, a huge network of ground based antennae that broadcast vast amounts of ELF energy into the atmosphere.

Studies show that ELF energy bounces off the ionosphere, and can be deflected to almost anywhere onto the ground in the world, from various ELF installation points. The US, Russia, and EU have ELF transmission arrays in Alaska, Norway, Russia, and elsewhere.

There is also a HAARP array in Puerto Rico, about two hundred miles due east of Port Au Price, Haiti, along a particularly fractious  stretch of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, geologically notorious for it’s fault-lines and volcanic volatility.

Before an earthquake there is a form of pent-up “static” energy in the ground, as huge plates of stone, floating on the molten core of the earth, smash against or slide along one another. Geologist Dr. Brooks Agnew, experienced the earthquake triggering qualities of ELF waves directly, when he and a colleague “accidently” set off an earthquake, when they were working along the Oregon coast with an ELF devise.

As a technician, Agnew was hired by oil companies to use ELF technology to discover and “map” underground structures and compositions, including the presence of oil under the ground. Just as bass notes in good stereo literally pass through the body, ELF waves are so low that they penetrate deeply into the earth, he explained, and reflecting back, create a kind of “sonic imaging” of the rocks.

They happened to be working in Roseburg Oregon (1987), near a coastal fault line also known for its relative volatility. Immediately upon activating their device, the ground began trembling. A small 4.5 earthquake was registered in the area at that time.

“And we were only using 30 watts” of ELF waves, Dr. Agnew said. And the 3.6 million watts that the HAARP array could generate devastating effects, he said.

“What can cause an landslide?” asks HAARP researcher Nick Begich. It could be something as seeming insignificant as  “a man walking by” if it just so happens to have the righ frequency and pulse-rate. What causes an earthquake? Just the right signals coming at just the right time, when the pressures are already built up” in the ground, he said. When they are at that point, “at that threshold, only a feather, or in our case the equivalent of a hammer, releases that energy” Begich said.

Haiti Earthquake and relevant HAARP technology:

Confluence of Coincidence, Or?…

A government and IT industry magazine reveals a US military war game happening out of Miami the day BEFORE the quake, simulating a disaster relief effort for Haiti; The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, accuses the US military of causing the quake itself, using tectonic weapons, for which there is proven historical evidence  and; Naomi Klein on Democracy Now finds corporate website that promotes the great opportunities for growth and profit through the “disaster-relief” efferts converging on Haiti.


Marco Zonka 1/29/2010


Haiti Earth Quake and Relevant HARP technology

Digital Journal, Andrew Moran, 1/21/2010

US Military Haiti Disaster Drill begins the day BEFORE the Quake

Democracy Now, guest Naomi Klein

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Nextgov Technology and the Business of Government:

Defense launches online system to coordinate