Messages in Sun-Sound/Sun-light!

“What We Do not See we Cannot Know; What we do Not Hear we Cannot Understand.”

by Marco Zonka

At the Universal Epicenter of natural and “super-natural” (the part of nature we don’t understand yet) radiance is the bio-electric animator of all that lives and moves in the presence of power in the form of light: The Sun, “Ra”,  the radiant source of energy for all known forms of life.

by Marco Zonka

DNA have been revealed as nano-molecular antennae that resonate and respond to frequencies of sound and light, transmitting and receiving signals with other DNA and with inputs from the environment, especially the Sun. Our resident frequency in the range of 5.8 hertz is the human harmonic of the “Schumann” resonance being transmitting continuously for the core of the sun, and resonating in the molten iron ball in the core of mother earth to “resound” into us (flipping sun-positive-charged energy into earth-negative charged energy) which, in turn, is the “battery” so to speak that electrifies and “animates” us.

body electric

It is now well known that cycles of escalated violence and war on earth always coincide with  the 11 year solar storm and solar quiescence periods, with wars always escalating/peaking on the more restive but more sun-storm prone solar sun-spot periods.

So it stands to reason and intuition that through these primordial transmissions affecting human behaviors and mental states so drastically, also come messages and insights in the form of intelligent and universe-informing and “shaping” messengers and powers of light.

Here are some of them:

For the first time ever ripples of light have been observed and recorded emanating from the sun and rippled out through space: what do they indicate or signify?

The harmonic frequency of the human body (5.8 hertz)  is harmonically attuned to the “Shumman Resonance” emanating from the heat of the sun, and we “ring” in  response and in harmony with the  sounds and light frequencies emanating from the sun into us.

Somewhat similar to the gargantuan “”sun-stationary” anomaly that hovered over the face of the sun for  11 days from march 11 to march 22nd in 2011, connected by massive rippling “chords” of electrical energy, another massive anomaly is seen  hover over the north pole of the sun. (Unlike the earlier one, which hovered over the sun closer to the solar equator)

More images/analysis of the solar-anomalies by the ever watchful, insightful and astute BPEarthWatch:

During which, here on sweet Mother Earth, this is among the many ecocidal/genocidal events unfolding:


Those with eyes that see and ears that hear and minds that reason and hearts that understand, listen to and assiduously watch the giver of light and life itself : the sun!


marco zonka








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