CDC whistleblower, watch out; here come the mothers

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CDC whistleblower, watch out; here come the mothers

by Jon Rappoport

August 25, 2014

I have it on good authority that over 200 mothers of autistic children are readying a class-action suit. They already have an attorney.

They will sue, at the very least, the authors of the 2004 DeStefano study that claimed there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

CDC whistleblower William Thompson, who was one of the authors of that study—and then exposed it as a fraud—should take notice.

He can become a witness for these mothers, or if he goes into seclusion and refuses to make a clear, complete, and definitive public statement, he could wind up being sued.

CDC whistleblower Thompson has a lawyer, Rick Morgan.

Like any lawyer, Morgan has one and only one objective: protect his client.

This is Morgan’s current position: His client Thompson is satisfied that, with accurate…

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Comic Genius Dick Gregory: Historic Voyager through the Belly of the Beast

“What you have [here today] can save not just America but this whole planet. Hopefully. I’ve been waiting for you. It may be too late.”
–Comic&Activist Dick Gregory

Comic genius and political maverick Dick Gregory holds forth on all matters 2014 and beyond. With a savagely biting humor, wit and insight that are his stock and trade, openly trafficking in the hidden histories of the black American experience, this feisty octogenarian continues on his epic journey of courage and good-humored ferocity, deftly slicing open the underbelly of The Beast, and giving us a learned and lucid lesson and vital revelation about what lay hidden there.

Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret with an Update on Malaysian Flight 370 — Part 1 [video]

Eco-Activist and Nuclear-Geopolitical expert Leuren Moret holds forth about Malaysian Flight 370, and the wider objectives being served by yet another well-orchestrated “false flag” event:

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This video is a followup to Leuren’s first delivery on the fate of Flight 370, and after listening to the whole thing tonight, I can say there’s a lot of solid intel and research packed into this video. It’s well worth a listen if you are serious about learning the truth about what happened.

Leuren also prepared a 15-page document you can access via the hyperlink below.

Part 2 of the interview will be uploaded on April 17th. 

I met with a Cobra ‘Prepare for Change’ friend again yesterday and we agreed that the false flags we discussed as examples all had multi-pronged agendas—never just one. Leuren says this one met 5 NWO objectives. 

If we think in terms of just one reason why they pulled off 9/11 or the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook, we’re missing several pieces of the puzzle and won’t see the big picture.  It’s interesting…

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Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret Discuss Part 2 of the Malaysian Plane Disappearance [video]

The ever lucid and gracious nuclear eco-activist & geopolitical expert Leuren Moret continues her expansive and incisive updates and insights with regard to current world affairs:

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thank you Alfred and Leuren for your offering.

If you missed Part 1, you may see that interview here.  ~ BP

Leuren Moret: MH370 false flag objectives include NWO Malaysia oil grab; militarization of SE Asia; Inmarsat global plane tracking; advancing global police state

Part II – Leuren Moret: MH370 false flag objectives include NWO Malaysia oil grab; militarization of SE Asia; Inmarsat global plane tracking; advancing global police state (II)


VANCOUVER, BC – In Part II of this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD, reveals that new forensic evidence that proves that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disintegrated in the air after being shot down as an arms demo by a US Navy Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) or missile over Singapore airspace. Singapore is a CIA and UK MI6 intelligence operations base in South East Asia. The…

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The Face & Fate of Useful Idiots

MSNBC’s House of Mirrors:

Reflecting its Own Hate-Speech & Race-War Baiting

ceasar obama       


The house of mirrors comes full circle as the hate-speech and race-war mongers at MSNBC turn their hypocritical hate-filled and racist-agenda against those who are explicitly and emphatically working AGAINST the forces of hatred and racism.

The convoluted defamation and hypocrisy coming from Obama Administration policy-puppets masquerading as reporters at MSNBC has reached a new level of cartoon-like idiocy and irrationality. Accusing American Constitutional Law loyalists and patriots and others who decry the corporate-financed and unconstitutional “executive orders” being abused by the Obama Regime,of being “racists” is just fanning the flames of the very “race war” that constitutional law defending activists are trying to avert.


So far along the arc of deception and ruin that is the guiding light for the present house of hooligans enshrined in Washington, pesky little reminders about reality keep nipping at their heels. The Obama Administration has a “liberal” plan for how to “take care of that problem” too: It has been persecuting and prosecuting more journalists and whistle-blowers than any other president in history.

Obama said he will create an open and “transparent” presidency, for all  people to see clearly what he is doing and thereby build trust. Yet his Administration and personal history are the most hidden and impenetrable of all presidencies in US history.

Obama said he would never any legislation that gave him the power to detain and torture and even murder Americans either at home or abroad. Yet the congressional record clearly reveals:  he not only signed that order, but he INSISTED on the very language allowing him to detain and murder Americans that he had originally “said” that he “opposed”.

Delusional  utopian sand-castle building by naive citizens playing patty-cake with a bevy of nasty insiders they “imagine” are really working in their best interests, will not grant immunity from the painful effects of their own oversight, seeing too late what was obvious long before.



Obama has perpetuated and vastly expanded the war-mongering policies of George W. and his bankster masters, because Obama is supported by and is beholden to the same Goldman-Sachs mafioso that supported GWB, as well as himself. (See the film: “The Obama Deception”)

As former Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney and editor in chief of The Black Agenda Glenn Ford have said—Obama is “a more effective evil” because he uses his “left-cover” to bring about his ultra-imperialist/fascist agenda to a degree that not a George Bush or a Mitt Romney could never have dreamed of achieving.

We must “break the Obama spell” Glenn Ford of The Black Agenda report, writes, and see this war-machine serving criminal Obama administration for what it truly is, unclouded by the methodically fomented “race-war baiting” it so masterfully promotes by subterfuge toward the seemingly at times brain-dead so-called “left”

Under Obama, there is nothing left of The Left!

Under Obama you are either a minion of the corporate-fascists he is enabling, or you are a “racist” and therefore –they proclaim– a “domestic terrorist”.

Well now, isn’t that just so handy for them.


(see links to “The Black Agenda Report” below)

That’s why The Black Agenda commentator Glenn Ford calls Obama the global imperialist’s “secret weapon” in the White House, masquerading as a “liberal” as he viciously attacks not only foreign countries but the US Constitution itself. (see links below) And as the Obama regime continues to “deconstruct” America (Soviet-Russia style. Read: history) Obama and his foreign bankster-masters are positioning us for the precipice they will ever so gladly lead us directly over, and consolidate their “mortgage” (which means of course literally “the grip of death”) on America’s throat.

And now the flaming propaganda parrots at Microsoft-National-Broadcast-Corporation/White-House-Talking Points (MSNBC) not only call US “racists” but go even further into their hate-filled bag of divide-and–conquer magic tricks, to accuse US of inspiring the “Boston bombers” themselves –while all credible evidence indicates that CIA operatives and other criminal elements in the US government were also obviously involved, and that the bombing (regardless and in spite of the “facts”) is being used to fabricate some mythical connection between “violent terrorists” and American Constitutional and universal human rights patriots.  


If you believe that then you probably also believe that the reporter Michael Hastings just ”died in a car accident”. The more we ignore murderous criminality on this level, the more entrenched, pervasive and vicious it will become.

The house of mirrors comes full circle as the hate-speech and race-war mongers at MSNBC turn their hypocritical hate-filled and racist-agenda against those who are explicitly and emphatically working AGAINST the forces of hatred and racism.

Truth and light will out in the end, the only question will be: how much suffering will we force ourselves to endure, through our own indifference, lassitude or fear, before we get there?


Truly my friends: we are entering a VERY dangerous and deadly trap indeed; far more treacherous and dangerous the more we ignore (and thereby “enable”) the criminal architects of that trap, and allowing ourselves to fall into it.

At Nuremberg, those who said: “I was only following orders” were not spared their own just and terrible fate. And those who just kept their mouths shut we not safe either.

And useful idiots are never spared by those who encourage and empower useful idiots.

-marco zonka

ceasar obama

Liberation Software: Weaving or Woven into the Web?


Will we weave a web with our own values and ingenuity?  Or will we be woven into a web that is not of our design?

By Marco Zonka

Along the current arc of human civilization as we know it, the warp and weave of the global internet is an “event-horizon”  we are crossing right now in real-time. Who will define the warp and weave of  that web, and to what design?

Whose interests will it serve?

How those questions are answered in  our personal  and professional lives  locally, and globally aligned through the internet,  will in large measure define both  our “virtual” and  our “real-life” fate.

All free-will/free-market human enterprises are predicated on one integral assumption: that a person can speak freely and openly about any subject or concern in public, or privately and absolutely confidentially, as one so wills or chooses,  personally and professionally, without threat or recrimination. But when freedom of expression is controlled and monitored, and the very safety and security of one’s person  and personal effects are compromised, the  fabric of civilized human life itself is in jeopardy.

Americans were recently informed by DHS officials that  ALL Americans are potentially  “in communication with terrorists” –knowingly or unknowingly- and so we are all potentially “suspects” in a crime.  Therefore: All internet access, emails and phone calls to and from every person in most parts of the internet-enabled world are being monitored (in real-time and in retrospect) by computers scanning for key words and phrases,  in a “global government and private corporate partnership” that would more honestly be called a “public/private surveillance regime”.


Fabric of Bad-Will

These unlawful intrusions  and violations of constitutional protections become especially important in the business world, where the ability to secure and maintain trade secrets and other proprietary material and information is essential.  NSA/DHS channels have informed the public that all internet and communication activities are being recorded and analyzed; there is even “information sharing” between government program executives and the private companies on contract with the government. This is virtually a prescription for even more “insider trading” abuses.

When the consensual contract of trust between a people and their own system of government is torn apart, the winds of chaos move significantly closer to our doors.

The American 4th Amendment rights (against unlawful search and seizure) and the universal human rights and protections of security and safety in your person and personal effects that it codifies, is not essential  to personal privacy alone, but  is absolutely essential for professional  protection against trade or business-based “inside-trading”  as well.

And insider trading by insider traitors to both the constitution and the free market system  are the most dangerous  “traders” of all.


Who you Gunna Call?

Personal and professional proprietary rights — the privacy and the security of one’s personal or professional affects  is essential to the integrity of a rational and cooperative free-market  economy.“Eco-nomy” literally means “the order in the home.” Without the essential  “natural law” based order of security and privacy in one’s home and workplace,  the entire global system of honest trade is imperiled. As freedom must be self-affirmed and exercised, security must be self-fulfilled and self-enforced.

On the manifold information highways of the global internet, new  networks of interrelated interests and values-driven concerns  are  finding one another on a broader platform of expression, exchange and  potential.

A new economy is quiescent, both locally and globally, not just another monetary “debt—based” economy, but a values-based economy,  designed to generate and increase value of goods and services, and no to slowly degrade and devalue them, which is the current design. The extractive boom and bust monetization-of-debt based economy we are trapped in now  is inexorably moving toward the event horizon of its own inevitable collapse. We must arrive at that horizon with other options already in place. At the local level, many communities are already doing that, with alternative currencies and local asset-mapping.  But on the global level, to truly democratize these efforts in a “people powered” fabric of goodwill , our inter-related values must be woven together through the warp and weave of the internet.

A free and democratic global internet is an unprecedented vehicle of communication for humankind to transcend artificial borders and barriers, and more universally  claim our common-sense  humanity.But that barely realized and salient potential is already threatened by monopolistic  powers that correctly see in it a threat to their own corporate hegemony, and will stop at nothing to cripple it, if they can. It is our responsibility to make sure they fail in their efforts to curtail our evolving human destiny, which must be shaped by our love and care, and not by fear and greed and aggression.

World Wide Web

Fabric of Goodwill

It is imperative on this new platform of human potential and promise, to maintain our 4th Amendment/Universal Human Rights to privacy and security in on our person and  personal and professional affects and efforts.

And to do that in the etherium of the internet, we need the most intelligent  tools for the job.

Security and privacy are never bestowed as a given; they must be reaffirmed continuously, and taken.


Liberation Software

In the spirit of affirming these the values of personal freedom and personal and professional security  I am gathering here  two kinds of “liberation software” : 1) a collection of the best “pro-human freedom” and “pro- personal and professional security” software I can find, and 2) the best values-based “democratization of the internet” software that I can find.

Just as “buying locally” supports our local values-based economy, so too “buying globally” based on shared values, and using software-instruments  or “platforms” that support those values, is key to realizing those values, collectively, on a global scale.

Starting With “StartPage” and Why

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is a world-renowned expert in one field of RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification chips, already embedded in millions of appliances and animals, and soon –unless we stop it—in people as well.

Albrecht is also an expert in universal “privacy and personal security rights”.

As such,  she is one of the most well-informed and graciously articulate voices revealing not only the profound danger to freedom of expression and right to freedom of assembly  and association (1st Amendment) but equally importantly, our rights to privacy and security (2nd and 4th Amendments) with which we assert and affirm and maintain our “freedom of expression”  rights.  Please watch this video of her explaining the public-good  “mission” behind StartPage, why it matters, and how you can best use it for yourself, your business, and the greater-good for all persons and parties concerned:

‘StartPage” and its “built-in” sister search engine Ixquick” were expressly created to defend the privacy and civil liberties of online computer users. StartPage provides a private portal to Google results, while Ixquick provides private results from other search engines. Based in the Netherlands, their services (Unlike Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, PalTalk, AOL and Skype) have not participated in any PRISM software-based information-sharing, nor has StartPage ever provided user data to the U.S. government or to any other government or agency in the U.S. or anywhere in the world.

“The Privacy of our users rests on three important foundations,” explains StartPage and Ixquick CEO Robert Beens. “We are based in the Netherlands, we use encrypted connections, and — most importantly — we don’t store or share any of our users’ personal search data.”

  • No User Data Stored: StartPage and Ixquick  never store user data, including IP addresses and search queries, so      government agencies have no incentive to ask for these. This privacy is so  complete; the company doesn’t even know who its customers are, so it can’t share anything with Big Brother.
  • Encrypted (HTTPS) Connections: StartPage and Ixquick were the first search engines to use automatic encryption on all connections to prevent snooping. When searches are encrypted, third parties like ISP’s and the NSA can’t eavesdrop on Internet connections to see what people are searching for.
  • Not  Under U.S. Jurisdiction: StartPage and Ixquick are based in the Netherlands, so they are not      directly subject to U.S. regulations, warrants, or court orders. They can’t be forced to participate in spying programs like PRISM. The company has never turned over a single bit of user data to any government entity in the 14 years it has been in business, which is not surprising since there is no data in the first place.

StartPage and Ixquick are also the only search engines whose privacy practices have been independently verified and third party certified through the European Union’s Privacy Seal program.

“Unfortunately, it takes a scandal like PRISM to wake people up to the erosion of privacy”, says Harvard-trained privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who helped develop StartPage. “As people get fed up with being spied on, they look for alternatives. We already serve nearly 3 million private searches each day, and we expect that number to grow as people seek shelter from search engines that store and share their private information.”

The company will expand its privacy services this summer with the addition of a new private email product called StartMail. StartMail will offer a paid, private email platform with strong encryption.

Anyone interested in beta testing the program on its release can sign up at

Light is Information!

pleides meaages in sound and light-Pleiades star cluster  

 As stars do not shine on worlds without life,

Light does not arrive uninvited in the human heart.

By Marco Zonka

 All light and sound are forms of information. All that we see and know and say and do arrives within us and goes forth from us as sound and light.

 Light from the sun does more than fuel living things with warmth and power and will to live and thrive; light also informs living things with a progenerative power of intelligent design, the living “will to do” both within and without all living things, and its primordial proclivity to shape and create things afresh and anew.

 The source of light coming from our sun, in kinship with all radii of stars and suns planets, sends messages of sound and light streaming across time and space, weaving a web of information, heard and seen throughout the universe AS the universe.

 What messages in sound and light from the universe, on frequencies and spectra both seen and unseen, and felt if not seen or  heard, did you receive today?


“Eco-Wars”: The Weaponization of Mother Nature

The Weaponization of Mother Nature
-marco zonka

The video posted here by “dutchsinse” is consistent with the predictive observations of pulsed radar signals that inevitably result in severe weather events at the direct epicenter of these “energetic pulses” or “thermal boosts”.
The physics of it are very simple: What feeds a tornado or hurricane? Thermal differentials; air masses of hot and cold air coming together. How do you increase the ferocity of the storm? Add more heat. And that is precisely what these pulsed-radar signatures do.
That is why, over thirty years ago, the UN banned the use of weather-weapons in warfare, because they recognized the profound dangers of engaging in such profoundly disruptive manipulations of the earths’ entire thermo-dynamic system. Clearly, like ALL Treaties signed by the Rouge-State masquerading as the legitimate government of the United States of America, that treaty too has been trashed. But the most consummately Orwellian aspect of that betrayal is: The” targets” are no longer some bogy-man state overseas, propped up by the CIA’s puppet-master factory. No, these “terrorists” are real! These terrorists are the American people themselves. Because a cardinal rule of building and maintaining a tyranny is: eliminate the free people. And it used to be they mostly did it by way of “dirty wars”. And of course those dirty wars are still raging as well. But there is a new form of warfare; clean warfare; and its name is: Eco-Warfare, the Weaponization of Nature herself. If the Pentagon did not publish open admissions of developing this warfare, you could call me a nut case. But the pentagon has done just that. And why are these meteorological methodologies of new and improved warfare being directed at America itself?
That is a question you had best engage with an open mind, because the answer is right there where it belongs, and clearly evident in spades to inquiring minds open to both the truth and the facts.
See also the direct link to dutchsinse in the “reblog” about this event directly from his site, below.

If seeing is beleiving, open your eyes

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