New Zealand ALERT! (3-22/23 2012): US Troops Now in NZ doing “Training Exercises” with NZ Soldiers. NEXT STOP: WELLINGTON…

US troops training with NZ soldiers 3-22/23 2012

New Zealand  ALERT!    (3-22/23 2012)

US Troops Now in NZ doing “Training Exercises” with NZ Soldiers.

NEXT STOP: “Tsunami Drill ” in WELLINGTON today…

US troops are now on the ground in New Zealand, doing “training exercises” with New Zealand soldiers, exercises that are “not allowed” to be filmed or recorded, this report says. They are heading to Wellington soon. “Training exercises” involving foreign troops often miraculously occur precisely at the time of huge “natural disasters”.

You know, like earthquakes and tsunamis.

You know, like in Haiti (1-11-2010) Japan (3-11-2011) Indonesia (12-25-2004) and Christchurch (2-22-2011) not too long ago.
“Beware the ides of March” goes the ancient Roman dictum of the Imperium.
To all Kiwi’s of every race, creed, color and kind!
Keep your eyes and ears and minds and hearts wide open!

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“Hyper-Tectonic” Events relating to global HAARP Activations?

Dutchsinse is one of the best “real-time” sources of world earthquake and weather “anomolies” –particularly relating to HAARP activities and signatures that correspond with hyper-meteorological and hyper-tectonic “events”. -mz

watch the video here:


This is a time to be alert and prepared for eventual sizable compensation movement as a result of this large central america earthquake … already , we see the movement in south california (a series of 4.0M) and a 6.2M in the west pacific (indonesia).

Be aware that further movement WILL OCCUR as a result of this Mexico earthquake.

New Madrid Seismic Zone, Puerto Rico, South California, Central California, off the coast of Oregon, north to Vancouver Island BC… be prepared just in case !

screenshots from intellicast and earthquake3D 200pm CDT 3/20/2012:

Magnitude 6.2 – PAPUA, INDONESIA

2012 March 20 17:56:19 UTC

Versión en Español

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 6.2
  • Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 17:56:19 UTC
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 02:56:19 AM at epicenter
  • Time of…

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America Saving Syria? America: save America!

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America Saving Syria? America: Save America!

I have friends inSyria, intelligent and educated people.  They say in no uncertain terms: The last thing in the world they want is for the US Military to come in and “save them.”


Look atLibya, formerly a “jewel ofAfrica” and (formerly) one of the more economically advanced and affluent and highly educated counties on that coveted (and therefore tortured into submission by imperial powers) continent. Now it is in ruins, ravaged by the CIA-backed al-Qaeda terrorists who where sent there to do the CIA’s bidding under the guise of “liberatingLibya”. Did they go there to “support democracy”? Not on your life. They went there for three reasons: 1) to get control of their oil 2) to destroy any example of what an independent and affluent African nation might look like, lest other nations get there get any bright ideas about wanting to use their own resources to BETTER THEMSELVES, and 3) murder Kaddafi.

Why murder Kaddafi?

Because Kaddafi had become a disobedient and big-minded vassal, impudent enough to propose an independent gold-backed pan-African currency. This would have freed the entire African continent from the economic enslavement currently being promulgated by the west/US/foreign banksters.

How did they manage to kill him?

This was –after-all– the “fox ofAfrica” who had eluded dozens of assassination attempts, one of which resulted in his baby daughter being murdered by US bombs while she slept. They murdered him by leading him out under the Universal White-Flag of Surrender, recognized by nation states throughout the world for centuries as a signal of peaceful surrender—and, right there in the light of day, he was murdered by NATO/US bombs.

What was the “bait” that led him to lower his guard, through deceit, into the killing trap? Hillary Clinton, who had been “visiting” inTripolithe day before the murder. Did you see her cackle with glee on that TV show over her successful mission to murder a standing head of state? Disgusting.

And who ordered in the bombers?

President Obama.

Did he get authorization from Congress to wage war on a foreign nation, absolutely required byUSconstitutional law? No. Do you know what that makes him under the Internationally (and US nationally) recognized Geneva Conventions, crafted after the horrors of WW I and II to control criminal states from attacking other sovereign states?

An international war criminal.

And who just signed into law NDAA 2012, which undid the Bill of Rights and the US constitution, and declares that any American can be arrested and detained without charges, indefinitely, and even murdered outright overseas –without trial—purely at the will and whim of the President?

President Obama.

And who signed that agreement moments before midnight on New Years Eve, while no one was looking, said he would not sign it with language that included Americans among those he wanted to imprison without charges and murder without trial if he wanted to –while in fact, as congressional testimony has directly revealed—it was Obama HIMSELF who INSISTED that that language be included, which he flat-out LIED to the public about?

President Obama.

And Americans are “worried” about some petty tyrant inSyria, whom Syrians themselves consider far less dangerous than Obama and his thieving and murderous warlord/bankster/masters?

We are no longer inKansas, my friends.

This beloved nation of ours is in the grips of one of the most heinous and masterfully deceptive killing regimes in modern history.

But they do their killing in the name of “democracy” and “humanitarianism”.

Did you see the films of the Libyan children, eviscerated by US bombs on the streets in Libya, and the little baby girl who fell over dead after crying out in agony, with her lower mandible missing?

Of course not.

Because it was deemed “pornographic” by our beloved government, the government that ordered those bombings, so concerned about “hurting our feelings” by seeing the truth.

Who mostly died inLibya?


Who ordered them to die.


Where did he get the “authority” to attack and kill those Libyan civilians?

The corporate/bankster/globalist authority of the “UN”.

Guess who is number one on the “terrorist profile” lists inAmerica, under Obama.

Returning US Military Veterans of Foreign Wars.

You know: Those men and women who are sworn to defend theUSconstitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

Whose pledge to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, does not include an “ending date” after which they are freed from that pledge?

US Military Veterans.

Obama’s secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, just stood before congress and told them –twice, just to make sure they heard him right!—that he and Obama do not take their orders to go to war from the Congress –as mandated by the constitution—they take their orders to murder people from the UN and NATO, but the will “inform” congress about the next group of brown people they intend to massacre.

There is a legal definition for that, underUSconstitutional law:


Pardon me for upsetting apple carts, but there is simply no “political” excuse for sedition and undermining the rule of law, neither under “left-cover” nor “right-cover”.

Both of which, by the way, serve the same “masters”.

When Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was inAfghanistan, guess who he ordered to be “disarmed” in his presence?

Acting US military troops.

You know: those guys sworn to “defendAmericaand theUSconstitution” and protect US dignitaries and each other.

So the men and women sworn to defend the US Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic” are now considered the prime group of potential “domestic enemies”.

So that applies to all people who uphold and attempt to enforce establishedUSconstitutional law against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

It is absolutely and unilaterally clear:

Obama and his thieving bankster/warlord masters, who have usurped the reigns of power in our beloved nation and do the bidding of foreign powers unelected by the American people, are guilty of high war crimes and misdemeanors, and must be dragged into a court of civil law where they may face their accusers –something they selves will NOT allow to be grated to other Americans—but which REAL Americans insist upon, and will defend unto death.

Therefore, those who believe in the power of civil and constitutional law are now “domestic enemies” (aka: terrorists)

So what does that make me, according to Obama?

A terrorist.

No one is safe in a nation –in a world—ruled by the whims of despicable and lawless criminals like these guys.

And our beloved Republic, based on the natural-law dignity, freedom, and rights of man, is dead, until we get rid of them, and –hopefully– resuscitateAmericabefore we are forced to bury her, betrayed by our own ignorance and petty bickering, forever.


22/2/2011 Christchurch Earthquake, Remembered…

22/2/2011 Remembered…

One year ago today at 51 minutes after 12 noon, a powerful earthquake rippled across the ground under Christchurch, its earthen waves flattening many concrete buildings, shattering century old stone churches, and leaving 185 people dead, some not found until long after. I stood in the wind on the 22nd floor of one of the few remaining tall buildings inChristchurch, waiting, listening…

At 12:51pm I heard it…one lone church bell ringing… I watched from above as people all around the city stopped what they were doing and stood still, listening, remembering…185 times the church bell rang, one of the few remaining bells inCanterburyCounty…

I had 22 paper airplanes with me, and sent them soaring one by one as the bells rang. Each one was carried off by the wind to places unseen and unknown. The spirits of both the living and the dead are alike in this way, barely knowing from where we have come, and even less, where we are going. And all are carried off into the winds of a living mystery.

Living spirit! Love the living! Living spirit! Learn from the dead!

Weeds & Roses

Weeds and Roses

The “owner” of the land said “Go in the garden and kill all the weeds.” The weeds were many, the day hot and long. All around the blood red roses, Dandelions grew wild. What could I do? I looked at the dandelions, Faces round and gold as the sun. “Let us live!” they chimed “We will feed you when you hunger.” I looked to the rose. “The dandelions are beautiful. And so selfless” The rose spoke kindly of others. “And the garden, a home for everyone!” But my hunger had been crafted by cunning, the designs of men. I pulled up the dandelions, Glowing with life, Tore them out with my hands. Thorns on the blood red rose,  Stabbed me in the arm. And it was my blood that fell on the rich black earth.        –mz

Birthquakes of Aotearoa: Lemuria birthing her daughter, Aoteara/New Zealand

Birth-Quakes in the Netherworld: 12/23/2011:

 Lemuria Births Aotearoa/New Zealand

–Marco Zonka 2011

All night mother Gaia roiled and rolled in her dark-time turned away from the sun, and Christchurch went right along with her, tall trees swaying like drunken sailors. What buildings still stand after the last five big shakes, are practiced and used to moving, riding long slow waves of kinetic excitation, everything swaying and rattling, the skin of the earth rippling like slow-moving water you can walk on.

 A thin crust of infant & ancient geological land mass, New Zealand cantilevers and sub-ducts at the junction of four massive tectonic plates –land-masses converging against one another –the massive weight and force of distant continents, also in motion, behind them –leveraging forces of titanic scale and scope.

 Fabled vestige of ancient Lemuria and one of the “youngest” land-masses and nations on Earth, New Zealand is an errand child of old and new, a wild ride in southerly climes -next stop Antarctica!- at the whim and whimsy of mother nature, her calms and calamities, her rain, her storms. Some storms we understand. Some storms are for reasons we can only imagine, until we do understand.  

-marco zonka      

Lemuria/Aoteara/New Zealand

Birthing light!

Birthing light!
Light of all worlds!
More beautiful
More terrible than all beauty, all terror!
The hour of illuminating death 
Exquisite birth
Is come!
Release upon the vast fields
Of your dominion
Your furies of fire!
Your fountains of light!
Your fortunes of love!
Your demons test and taste the flesh and spirit
Of human nature and endurance
Birth now within us
As within yourself
A new beginning
The gift of the living fire 
To all who cannot speak your name
Sing forth among your verdant fields
New spectra of sound and light!
Of loves death and birth in the living presence!
Ours is no longer to live and die in darkness
But to die and be born of light!

Fukushima: Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

"A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it" -Albert Einstein

Fukushima: Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

By Marco Zonka

 The nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, disappearing from public view, is far more dangerous hidden from sight

“This is the greatest public health threat that the world has ever witnessed.” -Dr. Helen Caldicott

European and American nuclear physicists are issuing bleak
assessments regarding the ongoing radiation fallout across the entire NorthernHemisphere from the meltdown and explosion in Fukushima. According to nuclear power andpublic health specialists Dr. Christopher Busby and Dr. Robert Bowman, eventsin Fukushima are already far worse than Chernobyl, are far frombeing over, appear to be worsening still, and there is no end in sight.

A chorus ofso-called “experts” are being marched out to reassure the public that everything is ok, that the radiation levels being released across the northern hemisphere are insignificant and not a cause for worry:

“What all those people have in common is ignorance” said Dr Busby.

“We are in uncharted territory” with regard to the situation at Fukushima, Dr Christopher Busby said, radiation sickness advisor to the BBC and EU commissions on nuclear issues and public health, adding it is literally a “science fiction scenario” type event of unprecedented scale, complexity and global impact.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to issue statements indicating that the levels of radioactive fallout occurring across the US “are safe”, even as they have increased their definition of “safe levels” without giving any scientific justification for having done so. Radiation of this kind, particulate radiation, is “cumulative” Dr Busby said. And as it continues to burn in Fukushima, it continues to disperse a toxic and cumulative cloud of radioactive material that does not remain constant, but is increasing the dangerousness of the threat.

Negligence? Or…

Over three weeks ago France has issued public health
warning about the dangers of radioactive fallout -especially for children and people with compromised immune systems- the EPA according to its own website has arbitrarily raised the level of what they call safe anywhere from 300x to 3000x higher than they were just days ago.

“There is really NO safe level for radiation,” Dr. Busby said. “Even the background radiation that we geteveryday, if it gets you at the right place, can cause cancer.” And to raisethe levels of what are considered “safe” utterly arbitrarily and without any scientific basis amounts to “criminal negligence” with regard to their supposed role in safeguarding public health.

Dr. Busby is not alone in his stark assessments.

According to Dr. Robert Bowman, director of advanced space programs for the Ford and Carter administrations, former air force lieutenant colonel and doctorate in aeronautics and nuclear engineering, the radioactive fallout fromJapan is a real and present danger.

“We already have had some effect like that from Chernobyl, which went around the world, Dr. Bowman said, “but they will be higher this time from Fukushima, considerably higher. There will be a lot of people in the United States who get cancer from this, and will never know that it came from radiation” from Japan, Bowman said.

Both doctors Busby and Bowman agree: The situation in Japan
is far worse than is being reported and, as stated by the provincial Governorof the Fukushima district in Japan, a full-blown cover-up is
well underway.

“This is worse thanChernobyl” said Dr Busby.

Define Bad

Three weeks ago the number 3 reactor in Fuchshima exploded,
and it is now openly admitted by the Japanese government that it sent
radioactive fuel-rods flying, shattering into thousands of pieces, and landing all over in a one mile radius; bulldozers were used to bury them in the ground. Water at seven and a half million times’ safe radiation levels was pumped into the ocean. Nearby hospitals are filled to capacity with thousands of people stricken with radiation sickness, so contaminated that doctors refuse to treat them, for fear of being contaminated themselves, Busby said.

In response to the dispersion cloud emanating from Japan, people in Korea and China are reportedly staying home from school or work to avoid being contaminated by fallout, while here the US the EPA is raising the “safe” level of radioactive nickel (up 24,900x,) and radioactive iodine 131 (up 100,000 x) little of which is being analyses much less reported by mass media. State government agencies in the US have picked up 300x safe levels of radiation in milk and food, and 17 states across the country have taken independent readings that confirm high levels of radioactive fallout from Japan.

“It is criminal irresponsibility” Dr Busby said, and when the cancers spike “I do hope that they will be held responsible by name” for playing this down. “It is a global catastrophe, and it is no longer possible to just leave it to the Japanese government and Japanese people to pay for this. It is the nuclear industry that is responsible and they should pay for this, saying this was all safe, designed in the US by GE, who should foot the bill and go in there and sort this out.” Dr. Busby said.

Radiation is “Good for You”

In response to events in Japan, India has reportedly banned all Japanese products from entering their country, but in America the EPA is not even testing food or fish or produce coming from Japan, before it is being sent to stores all across the country. None-the-less, a bevy of columnists and talking heads, like the Guardians Monibot or Ann Coulter, claim radiations “is good for you.”

“Don’t believe your government, its spokespeople or the EPA, or the (British) health protection agency, or the Japanese authorities; all of these people, all along have been saying there is no problem, and then when it is forced into the open they say, o well it might be a problem but it is not as bad as all that, and that goes on endlessly,” Dr
Busby said.

The emergency response toward this is also “worse than Chernobyl”, Dr Busby said, where authorities immediately evacuated people within 30k radius; in Japan the radioactive readings in a 68 k radius are as high as Chernobyl (encompassing an area 7x the area affected by Chernobyl) yet they are still allowing people to live there. According to Dr Busby that area should be extending to between a 100k to 200k radius.Thirty six million people in Tokyoare in immanent danger, they all need fresh water, fresh food from other parts of the world uncontaminated by this, Busby said. This is a global operation and they need to do that now or the death toll will be absolutely monstrous. “The people responsible should go to jail, there is no question about that,” Dr Busby said.

Danger is Relative

 “My research shows that existing power plants cause a
doubling of the risk of a whole range of cancers, and up to a 10x greater riskof childhood cancers and leukemia. But the real problem is from the
radiation itself, that they leak endlessly, and that the reprocessing plants,
waste, and uranium produced as a result of uranium mining (not to mention the nuclear weapons testing from the 1959 to 1963 which generated an enormous amount of plutonium 239 and strontium 90 and cesium 137) all of which are also coming out of Fukushima. And this material, along with the depleted uranium that is being used in large quantities in the various Middle Eastern wars and in Afghanistan,
it has all increased the rate of cancer throughout the world.

We have a 30 to 40% increases in cancer, in
real terms. You don’t have to go to cancer registries to find this out; dogs,
cats, they are all dying of cancer. This is a cancer epidemic, said Dr Busby,
and all of it caused by the increase in the quantity of these radioactive
substances beingreleased into the environment. This is also causing
increases in infertility. This will flood the world with nuclear radiation, andeventually there will so much infertility in the people and the animals, thatlife itself will be threatened, Bursby said.

Background Radiation: Coming to the Fore

Until 1991 US troops were not allowed to use DU (depleted
Uranium) used to made super-hardened artillery, which can pierce the walls oftanks, explodes on impact, and actually burns at high temperature for quite a while, releasing radioactive particles into the local environment. But after 1991 the military arbitrarily decided DU was suddenly “safe” for US soldiers to handle and use as common munitions. And after the uranium-infused artillery came into widespread use after 1991, the whole of Jerusalem became contaminated by uranium particles.

A study done a few years ago of sperm counts of young Israeli men in Jerusalem revealed a 40% reduction in the viable sperm count in young men studied in the last 10 years. If it continues at that rate, Dr Busby said, by 2020 there will be no more Israeli people. And that is “similar to sperm counts falling globally, from weapons fallout from the 1960’s.”

“The risk model that they have for internal radio nucleotides is completely incorrect, and the people are not fooled anymore, particularly because of the internet, and people who can get the truth out onto the internet, and independent channels of communication. They are obviously voting with their feet, they aren’t drinking the water, and they are not drinking the milk so obviously they are not taking the advice given to them by the authorities.” Dr Busby said.

“We know that these reactors are still fissioning” Busby continued: “Some of the isotopes have been measured, very short-life isotopes that only occur during fission, and so we know that these reactors are still fissioning, and that these materials are still being released. It is not as if it was all released suddenly and then it stopped and all we have to do now is cover it up with concrete and it will all go away.
That isn’t the case. What we have are two naked reactors functioning on the ground which are totally open and are polluting the planet and something has to be done about it.”

Kingdom Come? Or gone…

Meanwhile “huge amounts of radioactive materials are being
distributed into the atmosphere and into the water, and a lot of the gaseous radio nucleotides will travel through the air and make their way to the united states, and they are already doing that, and there are increased levels there which I think are now cause for concern” he said.

“Confidential information that came to me, I cant tell you who from, but they are so concerned about it that
they have developed an argument between the US advisors and the French advisors over what to do, and the US advisors want to bomb these reactors into the sea, while the French advisors want to drop concrete on them, to seal them up. The problem is: they are still fissioning there underneath for a long time, certainly as much as a year.

“All of this is basically science fiction stuff, who could possibly figure out what the best way is to deal with this?” Dr Busby wondered.  “In
1957 there was a nuclear explosion in Kishtim Russia were spent nuclear fuel rods melted down and exploded contaminating 1000 sq kilometers. But this one “is like an ongoing explosion.”

There are factors here without precedent, so unknown, using seawater and salt to try to cool down the reactors and stop them. A big part of the hysteria among the officials talking about this is “the possibility that plutonium will separate itself out of the mix in this toxic brew a cause a spontaneous nuclear explosion, that is not entirely
ruled out of the equation, and as crazy as bombing it into the sea may seem, it may in fact be the best idea…we just don’t know”, Dr Busby said.Nuclear experts say Chernobylwas 400 x more deadly than Hiroshima. Why are reactor melt-downs so much
more dirty than an atomic or hydrogen explosion?

“The reason they are more dirty is that they have vast amounts of uranium involved. In Hiroshima there was maybe a ton [of radioactive
material] in total. What we are talking about here in Fukushima are several thousand tons. The number of spent fuel rods [in one reactor] there was about 1,700. Each reactor contains 100 to 150 tons of radioactive material.

“Chernobyl(we now know) was not a hydrogen explosion; it was a [spontaneous] nuclear explosion. There was a xenon ratio of nuclear isotopes present there that defined it is a nuclear
explosion, vaporizing at most 200 tons. In Fukushima [there are six reactors] we have a lot more than that, we have a huge amount of fuel that can go up in the air, and a lot of it already has” Dr. Busby said.

Hidden History

According to Dr. Busby, nuclear scientists from Russia
were in Berlin last week, and they said a residual radioactive signature
defined by the residues of xenon 133 and xenon 133M  defines whether any given meltdown at a power plant is a hydrogen explosion, or true nuclear explosion.  That ratio is either 22 or it 12, the scientists explain. Chernobyl was determined to be 15, meaning, Dr Busby said: Chernobyl
“was a nuclear explosion.”  And while there is no evidence thus far made public to indicate that the Fukushima event was a nuclear explosion, Dr Busby said: “but my belief is that it was” a nuclear explosion.

They have not released the actual isotope readings from Fukushima,
and for the first three weeks would not release anything from the three
prefectures in and around it, which they admit they did because they “they
didn’t want to scare people” Busby said.

“My feeling is they do not want people to know how much plutonium and uranium is floating about, because that is really dangerous stuff. “All this focus on iodine is a red herring in a way, and even on cesium 137. The real serous isotopes are the uranium isotopes and the plutonium because they are alpha emitters and they can float along as particulate like little hot coals, and they go inside you and produce massive doses or radiation, and we certainly need to know about them in the united states as well. If there is a slight increase in the incidence of iodine particles it is likely that there is and increase in plutonium as well, to say nothing of tritium, we haven’t heard anything about tritium which would be produced in massive, massive amounts, as a form of radioactive water, its radioactive water, I would like to know what the tritium level is like in the tap water in Tokyo”

Glowing in the Dark & Hidden by Darkness

Two subtle yet equally lethal forms of fallout are
occurring across North America: it is not just the cumulatively lethal
radiation from Fukushima Japan, encircling the globe, and
falling across the entire northern hemisphere, that is cause for deep concern.
Just as dangerous, just as lethal, just as injurious to public health, is the
clear and present danger of a mass media so systemically in collusion with
corporate power that the very government agencies originally designed to
protect us from them, are now owned and controlled by them.

The good news is that people are no longer falling for this ruse, and the mass media are losing their audiences in droves; the bad news is: radioactivity endures for a very long time, whether we “know about it” or not.

As a nation, as a people, as a world, we cannot expect to know what to do about any situation unless we are given accurate truthful information about it. This article is one small eyeglass looking into a very large and complex and dangerous situation, unfolding now, even as you read this, in real time. And this is not the end of the
story. There is more to come.


Plant your gardens of love and earthly delights.
Keep your faith, love one another, fear not the darkness, and stay in the
light. It is ALL we have. It is ALL we are.

-Marco Zonka

French warning re Food no longer “negligible”.

Effects of Japan
on US and world economy:

Dr Busby write about so-called “nuclear experts”

except of interview with Dr Busby with Alex Jones

EPA deploys minitors but refuses to release results

EPA continues to state that radioactive levels are safe,
but refuse to release their own data and readings.

Radiation is “good for you”.

Hating Haiti: Tinkering with Tectonics

Haiti "earthquake" or "tectonic warfare" signature?

Earthquake in Haiti: Unmasking the Masking of Force

Marco Zonka


On January 10 –the day before the quake in Haiti– the US Southern Command was preparing to test an emergency response system that would simulate a “Haiti relief” operation, according to a government and IT publication

 “After the earthquake hit on Tuesday,” said IT manager Jean De May, SOUTHCOM “decided to go live with the system.”

According to DeMay, who happened to be at the Southern Command Headquarters in Miami that day, the US was preparing to launch a test scenario that involved a “Haiti Relief” operation, in response to an imaginary hurricane.

According to Cris Wilson, Chief of Staff of the Joint Forces Command Support Element (JCSE), those systems were operational ”in a matter of hours.”

JCSE was able to get its gear into Haiti quickly “because the systems already were loaded on pallets in Miami in preparation for an exercise that had been canceled,” Wilson said, as reported in the January 15 issue of “Nextgov”, a government and industry IT publication.

A few days after the quake, according to Democracy Now reports, [1/19] the aid group “Doctors without Borders” and a French airplane, carrying a complete field-hospital, were refused landing by US military authorities, and the US “relief effort” was being witnessed and described as a “military operation” that was more like “a US occupation” than a “relief effort”.

A few days later, Venezuelian President Hugo Chaves accused the United States of once again “playing God”, according to RT News. Chaves claimed that the US caused the quake in Haiti, using a “tectonic weapon” launched from a US navy ship.

“This time it is only a drill,” Chavez reportedly said.

And the next target is to destroy and take over Iran, Chavez reportedly said.

Is there any credible evidence of such technology?

How to Cause an Earthquake

Government sources have for several decades revealed the existence of systems that can alter the weather, inducing droughts or storms, as a form of “force multiplication,” to assist and enhance military operations and objectives.

According to Nick Begich, author of “Angels Don’t Play the Haarp”, one off these technologies involves ELF waves (Extreme Long Frequency). These waves are also linked to the “HAARP array”, a huge network of ground based antennae that broadcast vast amounts of ELF energy into the atmosphere.

Studies show that ELF energy bounces off the ionosphere, and can be deflected to almost anywhere onto the ground in the world, from various ELF installation points. The US, Russia, and EU have ELF transmission arrays in Alaska, Norway, Russia, and elsewhere.

There is also a HAARP array in Puerto Rico, about two hundred miles due east of Port Au Price, Haiti, along a particularly fractious  stretch of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, geologically notorious for it’s fault-lines and volcanic volatility.

Before an earthquake there is a form of pent-up “static” energy in the ground, as huge plates of stone, floating on the molten core of the earth, smash against or slide along one another. Geologist Dr. Brooks Agnew, experienced the earthquake triggering qualities of ELF waves directly, when he and a colleague “accidently” set off an earthquake, when they were working along the Oregon coast with an ELF devise.

As a technician, Agnew was hired by oil companies to use ELF technology to discover and “map” underground structures and compositions, including the presence of oil under the ground. Just as bass notes in good stereo literally pass through the body, ELF waves are so low that they penetrate deeply into the earth, he explained, and reflecting back, create a kind of “sonic imaging” of the rocks.

They happened to be working in Roseburg Oregon (1987), near a coastal fault line also known for its relative volatility. Immediately upon activating their device, the ground began trembling. A small 4.5 earthquake was registered in the area at that time.

“And we were only using 30 watts” of ELF waves, Dr. Agnew said. And the 3.6 million watts that the HAARP array could generate devastating effects, he said.

“What can cause an landslide?” asks HAARP researcher Nick Begich. It could be something as seeming insignificant as  “a man walking by” if it just so happens to have the righ frequency and pulse-rate. What causes an earthquake? Just the right signals coming at just the right time, when the pressures are already built up” in the ground, he said. When they are at that point, “at that threshold, only a feather, or in our case the equivalent of a hammer, releases that energy” Begich said.

Haiti Earthquake and relevant HAARP technology:

Confluence of Coincidence, Or?…

A government and IT industry magazine reveals a US military war game happening out of Miami the day BEFORE the quake, simulating a disaster relief effort for Haiti; The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, accuses the US military of causing the quake itself, using tectonic weapons, for which there is proven historical evidence  and; Naomi Klein on Democracy Now finds corporate website that promotes the great opportunities for growth and profit through the “disaster-relief” efferts converging on Haiti.


Marco Zonka 1/29/2010


Haiti Earth Quake and Relevant HARP technology

Digital Journal, Andrew Moran, 1/21/2010

US Military Haiti Disaster Drill begins the day BEFORE the Quake

Democracy Now, guest Naomi Klein

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

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