Of Satan, Saturn, and Saturnalia

s32 Symbols from ancient antiquity  associate the planet Saturn with the symbols of the “hexagon”, and the image of the “eye”. s8 ss2 Only in the last few decades have scientists discovered that the north pole of the gaseous-giant planet Saturn is characterized by a permanent and ongoing “hexagonal storm vortex”, and the south pole is characterized by a permanent and unchanging “eye-shaped” vortex. ss23 ss20 How was this known in ancient history? By ancient astronomers? Prophetic messengers? Saturn, too, is the planet of “communication?” From Whom?  sss30 Etymologically, Saturn and Satan also share a common root-word origin, as does the beast known as a Satyr,  half man and half horse or horned-goat, symbol of licentiousness, revelry, and fecundity. sss29 An ancient festival, “Saturnalia” (December 17-25) eclipsed or some might say usurped and sublimated by ‘Christmas”, was a festival of ‘role reversals” in which children or slaves became the masters for the day masters (only for a day) and men acted like women, women as men, and the whole world was turned upside down so to speak. sss1

What Saturnalian satyrs are at work today?

Who are those inverting heaven and earth, darkness where there was light?

Who are those bringing light and levity?

What end, pray tell, will we best serve?     -mz


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